Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Paths...

How many times have we all struggled with choosing between
two VERY different paths in life?

I have really been dealing with this quite a bit lately in regards to a big job decision that I was faced with. By taking one path (or rather, keeping on the same), I would possibly be making a step towards finding what I want to do forever. I just wasn't quite sure that this job itself WAS a "forever" kind of job. By taking this other new path, I would be jumping into what could/would be a much more fulfilling job and one that I could see as my "forever job."

I have been struggling over the past two weeks trying to figure out which path I should choose. Both had positives and negatives. I have been very prayerful in my decision and just really trying to seek and do what God wants me to do in work, life, etc. I didn't even tell many people about all of this because I didn't want to be swayed in one way or the other. I wanted to make sure it was a decision that me, Casey, and God made....does that make sense?!

Well, the seasons are changing at the why not let a season of my life change as well?! My decision has been made.....

You are now looking at (or rather, reading about) the new Director of Sales and Marketing for Sterling Grace Designs! This is a new entity of a local company – Sterling Grace ( Some of you may already be familiar with this side of the company and not even know it. My goal will be to have pieces of jewelry specially designed for various charities, businesses, organizations, and foundations. Many we have done so far include: Country For Our Country, The Lone Survivor Foundation, Boot Campaign, Water For Africa, etc. (please click on them and check out these amazing foundations!!!)

I am very excited about this new "season" and I know it will be very fulfilling as well! I hope that you all will pull up the Sterling Grace website and become more familiar with the company as a whole! Once you get on there, let me know what you think about it all!

I am doing some researching and coming up with some really cool charities, foundations, and organizations to call on. Let me know if you can think of any as well! I would love to hear all about them!!