Friday, February 6, 2009


Just wanted to share some photos from a recent hunting trip we took out to our lease...Just thought they were fun!



Becky found some boots that she liked! YAY! Mission...accomplished!
Her next question was.... "What kind of SKIRTS do I wear with my slouchy boots?!" Becky, Becky, Becky..... :)

Okay...well...let me just say this...I am not much of a SKIRT person these days for some reason... but I think the boots are SUPER cute with some cute casual dresses! I LOVE dresses! Here are some ideas for looks that would go with them!

This dress is from Francesca's and it's called the Sunshiny Day dress! Only $44!! Super cute for Spring/Summer! You could even throw a cute cardigan over it and wear your boots! YES!

Okay...this one is a STEAL! It is at Francesca's also...and it's on sale for $5!!! They have it in a really pretty blue color too! But...CANARY is IN for Spring! This is called the Artisan dress. Get you one! And if you are having a one of those "i feel fat" days...this is a good looking slouchy dress to hide that! :)

This one is from Francesa's again and it called the Forever Young dress! It's only $38. How cute would this one be with some longer gold necklaces and the brown slouchy boots?! Love it!

Okay...this one is just a random picture that I found online to show some other looks with the slouchy boots! You can pull these off so easily!

Hope that I helped you out in some way!!! Enjoy!!! Keep feeding me some ideas for other blogs! Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend! I am not quite sure what I will do....maybe a movie with Lindsey...or a pedicure...Miley gets a puppy spa day....I am sure I will have to clean too! :)



Thursday, February 5, 2009

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'....

Today is all about BOOTS!
My good friend Becky called me last night and told me that she wanted me to be her "personal shopper" and help her find some new boots! She really wants to find some cute and casual brown boots. She didn't know if she wanted leather or I am sticking to variety! She needs something that she can wear over jeans or even throw on with a cute skirt. She's a teacher, so it has to be kind of versatile! But she also wanted them to be flats and wanted to spend around $100...because she just got some birthday money from her hubby's parents! Being after Christmas and all...I was betting that the cute boots would be marked down a bit! I got excited about my little mission! Therefore, today's post is all dedicated to Becky and anyone else who loves boots!

I love these Steve Madden Bonanza Boots! I DID own a pair of them...but got home one day and Skeeter had chewed them up! I only wore them twice but they were super comfy and easy to wear! You can find them on the Steve Madden website, Dillards, or Nordstrom....they are about $79 bucks!! Cute, Casual, Suede, Slouchy....yes, yes, yes, yes!
Okay, these next boots are Steven by Steven Madden and are called the Bizmarc boot! I found them online at Nordstom and Steve Madden. They are leather and slouchy, if you like that look! A LITTLE more than we wanted to spend...but $139 is not bad! I like the buckle too!
I love love love these boots! I tried them on at Dillards back in November and wanted them! The big buckle is so super cute! They were comfy....but I have skinny they didn't fit my calves as well as I would have liked! They would probably be good over skinny jeans though! They are Jessica Simpson brand...which I love...and they are called the Brunella boot. They are at Dillards on sale for $115 right now!
Aldo has all of their boots on sale right now! I found these Sammie boots on their website for only $90! Again....buckles! I love them! This is the cognac color...but the camel color is super cute too! I always forget about this store! They usually have some fun shoes and good sales!

Another Aldo boot is the Popoca! Sorry...the Aldo images come up pretty small...but you can go to the website to see them better! These look alot like a riding boot...and I love the little D rings at the top! $100 baby!!
Yes...these DO have heels. cute are they?!?! I think you could still be casual and dress these up too! They are Chinese Laundry brand and they are known as the Kicky boot! Ont he Chinese Laundry website, they were about $80! Not too bad! These would be super cute over jeans or with a cute skirt! I bet you could even make them cute over tights!!

Well...this is all I have found so far! If any of you have suggestions...PLEASE let me know! I have been to all of the websites that I can think of...I would appreciate help in any that I have not thought of! I hope you have enjoyed! Let me know what you think!!! Good luck shopping!

Also, let me know if you are having trouble finding a specific somthing...i love going on searches for the perfect boot or jeans or whatever! Let me know! I need blog ideas!!! :)



Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wheel of Fortune

I just ran to Petsmart and Pei Wei during lunch. Petsmart, to get a new collar for Skeeter...he likes to wriggle his little body under the fence and run around the field behind our house. He always comes back...but it seems that his collar got torn off the other day. And then to Pei Wei to obviously feed my face!

This is what my fortune cookie read :

"Be assertive when decisive action is needed."

I think that we can all take this fortune into high consideration.

Just a random thought! Don't worry...I got SIX fortune I might have mroe insightful things to sa later in the day when I get hungry!



...okay well...I am TRYING to be back. I have been SO neglectful of my blogging lately! I don't know WHY i just stopped the way that I did! I mean I have some good excuses...I have been out of town has been crazy...ummm....did I mention that I have been out of town? I know...excuses are like buttholes... Oh well! I am TRYING! Encourage me to write more often! I just run out of ideas sometimes and it takes a while to get re-motivated!

I have found some NEW fun and favorite things to share! Get Excited!!

Okay...first problem that I have..why in the world do you take the extra amount of time to get on your website and place the words "Out Of Stock" instead of just using up that time to go ahead and take the item OFF of the website so as not to entice anyone?!? GOSH! I love love love Francesca's...but this really erks me! I always tend to find something really cute on the website and then notice that it is "out of stock"! For example...this SUPER cute Horeshoe Jersey Dress! How cute for spring/summer with some great brown flip flops! It was only $46 but is apparently out of stock! Maybe they still have it in the stores but not online? If you go there...look for it and let me know!

Number Two on my list today is this PRECIOUS cardigan.'s from CrewCuts. The kids section of JCrew. Sad. But I LOVE it! There are so many grown-up looking CUTE clothes in their kids section! I am so tempted to try to fit into an XL or even an XXL! I really think that I could! Plus...kid's clothes tend to be cheaper.... :) Just look at how CUTE this Snow Leopard cardigan is! It's $78! So cute with jeans, black pants, black skirt! Very versatiAnother CrewCuts piece is this super cute silk Gladiola's $118. I have heard that canary yellow will be a big spring color this year! I love the ruffles on the sleeves! It makes me really wish for warmer weather and sunshine!

We all know that I love to shop for the bargains at Forever21. That place has SO much stuff to look through...but you can always get some cute and fun clothes for CHEAP! For the small price of $22.80 you can own this sassy little Gingham Buttondown Dress! I love this!!! I saw a friend with this on the other day with black leggnings and flats!! LOVE LOVE!

Two of my shoe pink Converses and my Sperry Topsiders. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE wearing most short people do. But I really love wearing both of these pairs of shoes too! I actually got my Converses on Ebay for about $20 and the Topsiders came from Dillard's for about $80. Topsiders are, hands down, the most comfy shoes ever! Get you come!
Onto some artwork! Ken Bailey makes the geat whimsical animal advertisements! I would love to own some of these and have them up in the house..but they really don't go with our decor. Maybe we can put them up in our media/game room once we decide to do something in there?? But you can get these on for arounf $40. I think that is just for the poster, so you will have to do the framing yourself! But look how cute!!! Sadly...I didn't see a Dachshund one or a Great Dane one!

Okay...that should get your Wednesday morning started off right! Let me know what you think about all of these fun things! Also...if you have favorites...let me know! I am always looking for new ideas! You may know of a store that I havent even heard of!

Have a perfect day!