Thursday, February 3, 2011


I know that the weather is pretty frightful in most parts of the country right now...but why not stay at home in your WARM pj's and shop online?!

Sterling Grace Jewelry ( is have a HUGE sale that is going on until Friday at midnight! Everything (except iTAG, Starfish Charm, and Journey of Faith pendant) is 33% off!!! In order to get this discount, please use discount code sale33 when making a purchase online!

Also...Sterling Grace has an amazing Facebook page that is updated daily...make sure you are a Sterling Grace friend!

Happy Shopping!!



Tuesday, February 1, 2011't the thing....

So....I have not worked out since early October (don't judge me...).

But the hubs and I decided to get back into it again this week! I went for the first time yesterday (Monday) and did the elliptical and the bike for 30 minutes each. I was proud of myself for sure!

Here is my dilemma now that I think YOU can help me out with! I need some NEW and FUN songs to workout/run to! Hit me with any of your suggestions!!!