Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Upcoming Shipment...

Just wanted all of you lovely ladies to know that I am working on a big order of frames at the moment and I am trying my hardest to get them shipped out this weekend! Please let me know if you need to add any frame to this order!
I would be more than thrilled to get one made for you! Please email me at hilary.hymer@gmail.com for more info or if you have any ideas!
Get those orders in ladies! Tell all of your friends and family! I might even be doing a frame giveaway soon! WOO HOO!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Frames....

I have uploaded some pictures of my original Bow Frames on my Hilabeans Frames Facebook Fan Page! Go check them out and add yourself as a fan! Click Here to see them!

Let me know what you think about them! I love getting feedback and adding new friends to my fan page!

New Frames!

I have uploaded some pictures of my original Bow Frames to the Hilabeans Frames Facebook Fan Page! Jump on over there and check them out! Click here to be directed to the fan page! Add yourself as a member while you are there! Also, invite others to join too! Word of mouth is so important to me!
Let me know what you think about them! I would love to hear comments and critiques! As always...email me if you need to order any frames!! hilry.hymer@gmail.com

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Before and After

I wanted to show you the little project that I have been working on......

We have an upstairs bonus room/gameroom that has always kind of been used as our "catch-all" or "junk" room. It was the very last room in our house that had not been painted! We just never got around to it because we never spend time in this room. It eventually just turned into my own personal art/craft studio! Well...since we are putting out house on the market, we decided that it was time to paint and fix up the room! Check out the before and after pictures and let me know what you think! :) Tell me if there is anything else you would do to it! I am always open to suggestions!



I need to hear some comments and suggestions! It's actually a live-able room now and we really like what we have done to it!



Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have a new obsession......

Chai Latte K-cups for my Keurig coffee maker! I found them yesterday at Bed, Bath, and Beyond! Let me tell you....they are DE-LISH-OUS! I had already been obsessed with the Bigelew Organic Green Tea.....but now this Chai Tea has hit the jackpot for sure!

What is your favorite K-cup flavor?! It's so hard for me to buy new flavors without knowing if they are good or not!

Well....wood floors are starting as we speak and I am off to makeover our front flower beds! We are so close to being finished for our realtor to come and take pictures! All we will have left to to is touch-up some paint and clean everything!

Thank you for the sweet comments about our move!! We are really super excited! :)



Friday, March 26, 2010


Well folks....the news is out!

Casey and I will officially be putting our house on the market on SUNDAY and will be making a big move to our hometown of Tyler, Texas!

It has been a CRAZY two weeks! We have really learned how to pray for wisdom in all situations and how to put our lives/plans in God's hands!

To make a REALLY long story a little bit shorter...this is what has happened in our lives :
1. Casey and his boss/BFF decided to get with another friend and start a commercial roofing company - they had been planning all of this out since November!
2. They put in their two-weeks notices and a few days later saw a bunch of red flags with this new company....
3. They went back to their original job and asked for them back....because, remember, they had put in their notices!
4. The next day, he found an opening at a different branch/office for his company- in Shreveport....and got an interview 2 days later.
5. Interviewed and got the J-O-B with the ability to move to our hometown and work from there!

I haven't really been able to say anything until now....only because we were waiting on him to sign the paperwork and make it official! We have really been wanting to move home for a while...but jut never had a good opportunity. This opportunity has just been pretty much handed over to us. Now we are just trying to get our house in order and ready to go up on the market. We are praying that it sells really quickly so that we can purchase a new one in Tyler!

Regardless if it sells soon or not, I will be staying in Fort Worth to finish out the school year with my fourth graders! I am going to be sad to be leaving my wonderful school but I am excited for what is to come! I am also praying that I will be able to quickly find another teaching job!

So there you have it...a quick little update, just as I promised in my previous post! Please be praying for us and we are trying to sell our house and trying to get everything in order! Also...for me to be able to find a great new job!

If you know anyone looking for a house in Fort Worth...send them our way!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!! I am going to be exhausted from all of this crazy house updating!! :)




So...i took a personal day off today in order to get a bunch of stuff done around the house. I totally cleaned out and organized our pantry first thing this morning....it looks great now!

Now.....I am on to baseboards! I am one of those people who likes to pretend like my baseboards aren't really there.....this meaning....i never clean them!! I just started cleaning and thought I would throw a question out to my bloggie friends:

What is the BEST way that you have found to clean BASEBOARDS?

I have been using a Magic Eraser...but just didn't know if there was a better way! I would LOVE to be informed!

On my agenda today :
  • Pantry organization
  • Master closet organization
  • Master bathroom organization
  • Baseboard cleaning
  • Running to the garden store to get flowers for our outside pots
  • Planting the flowers
  • Wall paint touch-ups
I am going to try to post a personal catch-up blog post tonight for you all! I feel the need to explain some things! :)



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh my!

Home updates are taking over my LIFE!!!!

Just a quick update....Spring Break did NOT give me enough time!! I started some things and now we still have lots left to do...we ended up leaving town Thursday - Sunday! We will have everything completed and DONE by Sunday afernoon though! WHEW! No sleep or TV for me this week I suppose!!! DANG!

Random question for my crafty ladies out there..... What is a good starter sewing machine?? I really don't know much about sewing but feel the need to finally break down and buy a machine and start trying it out! My sister-in-law and I are determined to learn and are planning on taking some lessons this summer! I don't want to go overboard on the money spending with this....just something to play around with....like to make pillows and dabble in other things too! Nothing TOO serious or scary!!! :)

I would love to hear what you think!!! :)

Also...for my gardening ladies.... I have two big pots that are sitting on my back patio...I want to fill them with something thick and colorful. They will get full sunlight! Any ideas?! I am in Texas here...so something semi-heat resistant! Although...we did get more snow on Sunday after some 70 degree days last week!!!

Thanks for all the help!!!!!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Not So Much....

Well...it looks like I jumped into my Spring Break thinking that I would actually GET a break! WRONG-O!

Apparently my husband was ready to put me to work! We made a trip to Home Depot the other day and came out hours later with about a BAJILLION projects to work on! We have all of these little projects that we keep meaning to get done with our house....and I guess he assumed that this would be the best time to do them!

We officially have these things on our list to get done :
  • install wood floors in our dining room and two hallways
  • get our house re-roofed
  • install a new garage door opener
  • install all new doorknobs around our house
  • clean out closets and move big random items to a storage room
  • install blinds in our gameroom
  • make and install window treatments in the gameroom
  • install curtains in our breakfast room
  • paint the gameroom
  • make and install curtains in our office
  • touch-up some paint on the walls
HOLY COW! It didn't really seem like all THAT much until I just made a list of it all! I may just need a "Week After Spring Break - Break"!

Good thing that I will get a little break this week...My mom is coming in town on Wednesday to do some shopping with me and then Casey and I are going to head to Tyler for the weekend with our friends Billy and Becky! It will be a time of good food and the Caldwell Zoo! WOOO HOO!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!!!



Friday, March 12, 2010

So READY....

Well...as of 3:45 today, I will OFFICIALLY have my first Spring Break since 2006! I am so super excited! I'm not excited because I am going on some fancy schmancy trip or anything like that...I am really just excited because I get to sleep late for NINE whole days! WOOOO HOOO!!! PARTY!! Am I old or what?!?!
I really and honestly have NO plans except that my mom is coming into town to go shopping with me for a day or two. I am hoping that I can get her to buy me some new and fun Spring clothes! :) I might also go to a dinner with two girl friends one night.but other than that...NOTHING! And let me just say....I love it!
Being a teacher definitley has it's perks....Summer....Spring Break....Christmas Break....Good Friday...President's Day...etc!
Like I said in my blog post before, def. be praying for us! We don't know what the future holds for us yet, but we are really excited about a big change that might be coming up! I will update you and tell you what all of this is when I actually can. I swear..nobody is joining the mafia! Don't freak out! :)
I hope that you all have a WONDERFUL weekend! I am hoping to get lots of blogging done next week and hopefully having a giveaway too!! WOO HOOO!!!
Cheers to Spring Break 2010!
P.S. Let me know if you need any frame orders! I will have lots of time next week to get some together and shipped out! Check my Etsy shop or email me at hilary.hymer@gmail.com!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Makes My Day!

Don't you just love when you get unexpected praise out of nowhere?! I got the most wonderful email a minute ago from a DEAR and SWEET friend (who will remain unnamed, b/c I don't want to embarrass her!). She had ordered a frame from me a couple of weeks ago and just got it in the mail. For some reason, I was REALLY nervous about if she would end up liking her frame or not, only because it was a little bit different than what I had been doing normally with my initial frames! But...turns out that she ADORED it and sent me the most amazing and sweet email to let me know! On a day that I am so WORN out....it totally turned it all around! THANK YOU FRIEND!

Don't you just have to sit back from time to time and say..."Hmm...isn't life just the funniest and craziest thing?!" I know that there is that silly little phrase of "Make sure that you write your plans down in pencil and that God has the eraser." It is so true! God has the ultimate plan and He knows the way that things need to go!

Casey and I have been going through a lot of life changes lately (no...we
are not pregnant...promise!). The last two weeks have been a complete WHIRLWIND to say the least! To make a REALLY long story short : he and some friends had been planning on quitting their jobs this month in order to pursue a company that they had been planning on starting since October. All of a sudden, after their two weeks notices were in, some BIG red flags showed up with this new company and they backed out because it did not seem as amazing as it seemed it would be..... randomly, Casey's boss (Billy....his BFF also) never turned in his resignation letter to the higher boss. So, he still has a job! Also...another opportunity could be in the works for him with his same company that he works for now. I cannot really talk about this opportunity at the time....but we are REALLY praying for it and hoping that it will work out! It would mean a lot of cool and new things for us! I will share more when we know more! We should know more by the end of the month! WOO HOO! I am really excited about what could be ahead....btu at the same time, if it doesn't work out, I am content as well!

I promise, I am going to try to keep updating more and more! It's just been BANANAS lately in HilaryLand!

I will leave you with a couple of new and fun frames!



(I don't know if you can tell....but this white background has a really cool texture to it...and it's pearly white! LOVE IT!)

WAY Overdue!

The winner of the Taffy Box necklace giveaway is none other than..............

Miss Anne !

Congrats!! I will be getting in touch with you shortly to gather info from you!!