Sunday, January 29, 2012

So....We Got Hungry...

I have this slight obsession (as I am SURE that a lot of you do by now...) with a well-known little website called PINTEREST. Holy can find SO many things through Pinterest. I am always showing Casey the cool things that I find on there....and he usually seems to roll his eyes at me and tell me what a waste of time it all is.............UNLESS it's an idea for a future house to build or cool new recipe! You see, I have a husband who really likes to experiment and cook new random good dishes. I love that about him! I seem to always stick to the same 'ol faithful recipes when I am cooking....but not Casey!

This morning I was so pregnantly exhausted that we decided to skip church, sleep in, and just lay in bed for a while and do nothing. I, of course, grabbed my iPad and started looking through all of your fun pins! One of my sweet friends posted THIS little recipe for homemade chicken nuggets......


So we decided that we would try them for dinner tonight! While preparing our groceries...we then found THIS great recipe for Chick-Fil-A type nuggets too! So...we got a little crazy and tried both recipes out!


Oh my MUST go to these two fun blogs, grab the recipes, and try them out for yourself! Casey and I are obsessed! They were both equally good and the Chick-Fil-A ones really tasted pretty dang close to the real deal!

I just wanted to share those with you all really quickly before I slipped into a heavy food-coma!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Hopefully you won't have a horrible case of the Mondays tomorrow...and hopefully I will continue to update the good 'ol blogaroo more and more! Let me know what you want to hear about!



Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sorority Life...

Today was bid day at Ouachita Baptist University....

I thought I would find a few pictures of me and some of my pledge sisters

to commemorate the day!

I vividly remember this morning 9 years ago, when I woke up and became an EEE! I'll never forget hearing the songs outside my window, waiting to put on my red sweater...and hoping to see that bid slide under my dorm room door! Becoming an EEE was a huge thing for me... I learned a lot from those girls and made so many of my best friends through it all! Congrats to PC2012, whoever you stunning ladies are! Put your BIG red bows on and always remember that BLOOD MAKES THE GRASS GROW!!!

Love and miss you all!!!



Friday, January 27, 2012

The Perils of Pregnancy - Final Days... you can tell, I have been so incredibly busy and overwhelmed with life that I haven't even had a chance to blog since I was 15 weeks prego (also, i cannot get my stupid blog to work from my ipad!)! I am now, as of TODAY, officially 38 weeks pregnant! Holy Moly! It's all gone by WAAAAAY too fast! I cannot believe that my due date is in TWO short weeks!

I was laying in bed last night thinking of how excited I am for sweet little Jackson Robert to be here....but also how excited I am to have some small things semi-back to normal! So.... since I had a minute, I thought I would write a quick post about it all.

Perils Of Pregnancy - WHAT I WANT BACK!

1. SLEEP - well, okay, not REALLY sleep because we all know that will be a lost cause once he is here....but really the comfort of sleep. I am normally a REALLY good sleeper but now I cannot get comfy at all! I toss and turn all night trying to find that one perfect position...and it never seems to work! What I would give to have one night of sleep on my stomach again....

2. MEXICAN FOOD - let's be honest, I can really have this anytime that I want (I mean we DO live in Texas where it is totally a staple in our regular diets) but I am ready to really enjoy it again! I don't have much of an appetite these days -mainly because there is not a whole lot of room left in my body for anything but baby! So when I do eat, I can't seem to eat much at a time. Plus...mexican food now gives me the WORST indigestion that I have gotten to a point where it just isn't even worth it to fight the battle all night anymore!

3. ANKLES/ FEET - I work retail and I love it! I wouldn't trade it for the world. thing that I that after being pregnant and on my feet all day, they are the most swollen/tired things in the world! All I want to do at the end of the day is get home, take off my shoes, and lay down! Or wear nothing on my feet but my stupid looking puppy dog house shoes! It's tricky because I want to look cute at work every day....but how do you do that when your feet don't quite fit into your cute shoes anymore? I even went and bought some TOMS in a whole size larger - and yes, they ARE the most comfy shoes EVER - but now I have realized that with the way my feet swell, they are bruising the tops of my feet! I am so ready to have my normal feet back and all of my cute fun shoes!

4. SITTING - I know this one sounds really odd. But to be quite honest....I am a lot more comfortable standing these days than I am sitting! It sounds really backwards, I know. There is an odd spot on the right side of my back that really starts to bother me and hurt when I sit for a few minutes. It's really uncomfortable... even when sitting on the couch. You will notice me start moving around and trying to stretch it out. I hate this! It's REALLY annoying! But hopefully once the baby is here...this will resolve itself. I'm sure it's from pressure and frontal weight gain pulling me.

Hmmm....that's all I can think of at the moment. I am sure more will come to me as soon as I publish this post. I do have two weeks until my actual due date (February 10) but the doctor is telling me that it will probably be closer to the 15th! What do I do with that?! There is no more room for this baby to I don't really want a Valentine's baby! I am kind of over it all and uncomfortable all of a sudden. I am so ready to meet pray that we go into labor sooner than later! We have no plans of inducing at the moment...but that could change!

Be on the lookout...I might get crazy and post some prego pics in a minute!