Thursday, December 31, 2009

2000- what?! TEN! ...and frames!

Here are a few more new frames that I have been working on!
Hope you love them as much as I do!!!

Email me if you would like some info on them!!

Casey and I are NOT much of the New Year's Eve party-ers. We would much rather hang out with good friends that run out and spend tons of money on dinner and drinks! I am super excited about spending my New Year's Eve with our best friends Billy and Becky! We are planning on cooking a big meal....possibly watching a movie...drinking some champagne... and HOPEFULLY staying up until midnight!!!!! :) I am going to try to get everyone to at least!!

Here is what I am planning for dinner :

  • Mexican Corn Dip & Chips (appetizer)
  • Grilled Duck (this is Casey's specialty!)
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Hashbrown Casserole
  • Green Bean Bundles
  • Homemade (and really cheesy) Mac and Cheese
  • Garlic Cheese Rolls

I hope that you have a VERY happy new year!!!!! What are you planning on doing differently THIS year as opposed to LAST year?


Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Y'all!!! These frame orders are coming in like crazy!!! THANK YOU!!! You guys are awesome! Keep spreading the word! I might even think about doing a giveaway sometime soon if things keep going well!

I have been working hard (well...pretty hard!) on getting some frame orders together! There are some SUPER cute ones coming!! Be on the lookout! I know I have these coming : pink and leopard...eggplant and alligator (so random...but it will be super cute!!!), black, and polka polka dot!! Get excited! I should have pictures in the next day or so!


Well...I am off to get ready for a movie night with my friend Becky, her hubs, and kiddos! I may fall asleep! Geez louise! :)

I hope that you all have a WONDERFUL night!!!! Keep warm!!




Some people were I thought I would post a list of the backgrounds that I have available right now for my initial frames!

Here goes :

  • black and white zebra
  • black on black zebra
  • goldish/tan and black leopard
  • chocolate brown alligator
  • hot pink alligator
  • black on black damask-ish print
  • cream and goldish damask-ish print
  • gold with black polka dots
  • pearly white that has a beautiful ornate print
They are all great backgrounds and each very unique! Let me know if you are interested! Email me!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alligator Frame

Here is the alligator frame that I made my mother-in-law! I love the way it turned out! The frame is red....chocolate brown alligator print in the background....and a black H.

I have two more orders coming be on the lookout for those! I have a pink and leopard one....AND....cream and black zebra! I cannot wait to get them finished so that I can show them off! They are so fun and cute!

Let me know if you are interested in one! Email me at



Monday, December 28, 2009

My Newest Creation!!

My newest creation!!! Initial frames!

These are GREAT gifts for anyone!! Just warming...whatever!!!

Sadly..this is the only one that I have a picture of right now! I have made another one just like this one, but with an S for my sister-in-law. I also made a REALLY cool one that had a red frame...with brown alligator print in the frame...and a black H for my mother-in-law! Everyone that has seen these has gone crazy over them so far! If you would like to order one...let me know!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just a quick one!

Hi all!!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!! We JUST got back in town from visiting our family for the last 5 days! I was SO ready to get back! I love family and all...but I was WORN out! Now it's nice that I have a whole week to relax until I go back to work! :)

Get ready....I have a feeling that TONS of pictures will start coming soon! I just went and bought my BRAND new Canon Rebel T1i tonight!! I am so excited to start learning about it and using it! Wooo hooo!!!! :) of the coolest gifts I got for very own URL! MY uncle's girlfriend bought it for me! How cool is that?! It's linked up to my blog right now....but hopefully one day I will get a website up and going with my frame pictures and all! So fun! :)

Well...I am sitting by the fire and EXHAUSTED! I hope you all had a wonderful break! I will try to post again SOON!!!


Monday, December 21, 2009

A Hunting We Will Go...

I know...I know...I am really am procrastinating with my blogging lately! I set myself up for 12 whole days of blogging madness....and then I got burnt out and couldnt think of many more fun themes!!! ARG!!! I am so irritated with my blogstination (blog + procrastination)!!!!

Well...just so you know that I wasn't just sitting around the house wasting my time, when I could have been are some fun hunting pics from the weekend! If you know know that I am not a big hunter and that I have cried almost every time I have gone!! I got conned into going duck hunting with the hubby and his bff just so that I could show off my photography skills this time! Here are some of the pics!

Me and my official hunting buddy Skeeter!

Casey waiting for the ducks to come in....

Case and I at the end of the hunt...yes...they MADE me wear the face paint....I look like a hobo!

Case driving off to hide the boat in the trees...

Decoys all piled up and ready to get out there!

Justin putting the decoys out on the water...

Justin dealing with the decoys...

Hunting buddies showing off their kills...

Captain Case driving the boat...

Case up in the brush looking for the ducks...

It was actually a fun time...but only because it was 60 degrees outside! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! :)



Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 Days of Christmas : Day 4 - DRESSES!

I love dresses... I'm sure we could all use more! Enough said...RIGHT?!

Lulu's : La La Love Dress - $33

Lulu's : All The Trimmings Dress - $39
Lulu's - Ariel Dress -$49

Forever 21 : Belted Knit Dress - $29

Forever21 : Adorned Flutter Dress - $34

Old Navy : Flutter Sleeve Dress - $24.50

Old Navy : Sateen Shirt Dress - $29.50

Have fun shopping for yourself or someone you love!!!



Monday, December 14, 2009

12 Days of Christmas : Day 3 - CANDLES!

We constantly have candles burning in our house...especially this time of year! It just makes it seem a little more warm and cozy with one house smells great too! :) I'm a little candle the point of lighting one in the bathroom every morning when I wake up! Don't they make great gifts too?? You can pretty much buy them for anyone!
Lately...I have become a little bit obsessed with the Bath and Body Works 3 wick don't be mad if you see quite a few of them on my list!!! :)
Bath And Body Works : Twisted Peppermint 3 Wick Candle - 2 for $20 right now!
Bath And Body Works : Spiced Cider 3 Wick Candle - 2 for $20 right now!
This one is DEF my fave right now! It'as amazing!!!
Bath and Body Works : Ginger Vanilla 3 wick candle - 2 for $20 right now!
Tyler Candle Company : Kathina (sizes and prices vary) = AMAZING
Yankee Candle: Midsummer's Night (sizes and prices vary)
WoodWick Candles : Vanilla Latte - $23.99 (these actually crackle as they a real fire!)
Vanilla Latte
Voluspa : Basic Black Gift Set - $54 @ Nordstrom
Voluspa 'Basic Black' Gift Set
Gosh...this list makes me wish that I had brought a candle to school today!! YUM! Enjoy and have a cozy Monday!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

12 Days of CHRISTMAS : Day 2 : Slippers!!

I could NOT get through the winter without some good, warm, cozy slippers for those cold nights! Here are some faves! You know it's winter when I pull out the slippers! I just hate for my feet to get so cold!

Victoria's Secret : Satin Slippers - $25.00

UGG : Coquette Slippers - $100

Old Navy : Sherpa Slide Slippers : $10.00

Old Navy : Waffle - Knit Slipper Boots - $10.00

J.Crew : Metallic Wool Ballet Slippers - $39.50

J.Crew : Sheerling Mocs - $39.50

Bath And Body Works : Lambie Ballerina Slippers - $12.50

Available in Multiple Sizes Lambie Ballerina Slippers  - Bath & Body Works   - Bath & Body Works

Bath And Body Works : Gillian Metallic Leather Moccasins - $24.75

Available in Multiple Sizes Gillian Metallic Leather Moccasins - Rose - BBC 1015761 - Bath & Body Works

Hope you found some pretties here!! Enjoy and have a cozy night!!!



12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS : Day 1 : Scarves!

I decided that it might be fun to put down some favorites for the 12 days of Christmas! I am going to try to give you a new theme each day with lots of pretties to go along with it!

I hope you enjoy!!! Let me know of some themes you would like to see! I need some ideas!!

SCARVES!!!!! We all love them....AND they keep us warm!

GAP : Sweater Knit Scarf - $24.50

Francesca's Collections : Accordion Scarf - $18

Accordion Scarf

Old Navy : Fringed Popcorn Knit Scarf - $12.50

Old Navy : Fringed Floral Print Scarf - $12.50

Fred Flare : Chunky Knit Scarf - $35.00

L.L. Bean - Homecoming Rugby Scarf - $24.50
Homecoming Rugby Scarf, Dot
L.L. Bean : Portland Cashmere Scarf - $69.50
Portland Cashmere Scarf, Stripe

Forever 21 : Cozy Plaid Scarf - $8.50