Monday, November 23, 2009

Boots Boots Boots!

I bought some new boots this weekend that I am QUITE fond of!
They are very random for me and I am shocked that I bought them! But...I love them! They are super cute with leggings and a cute casual dress! Very edgy...but you can make them look girly and fun! Super comfy too for leather boots!
May I present to you my NEW Volatile Rebel Boots :

I think they look goofy in the picture but they are SO cute on!!
Let me know if you want some...I can tell ya where to get them!!



Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Gosh...I got on the Ballard Designs website today and found lots of cute new things! It started to really get me into the Christmas spirit! I saw many things for Christmas decorating and for gifts too! I hope this helps you out with some great Christmas shopping ideas!

How can you get any cuter than a leopard and green Christmas tree skirt?! Ahhh...I love this! Our tree has brown, gold, and bronze ornaments and decorations...this would go perfectly!

Why a matter of fact, I DO need this cute little fleur de lis stocking holder! Thanks for asking.... :) They are $25 each. Super cute and would go so well with my decor!

Sienna Goblets in red please. Need I say more?

How holiday festive are these little beauties!? Set of 4 - $25!

MAILING LABEL TAPE...who knew!? This is so cool! You can use these stickers when mailing packages. I think I want them to use on my Christmas presents! They are so cute! They have two different sets to pick from. Only $20 gets you 15 yards of these 4" squared labels. They will be great year 'round!

When I see this...I automatically think of a new couple or a wedding gift! I love this is right up my alley! And only $30! What a great little gift for someone to place upon their mantle or shelf! It's call the Set of Three Initial Ledge! I love the Ballard Designs tote bags! My mom bought me a large on for the beginning of the school year...I feel like that one is a little bit TOO large. It's good for throwing clothes and stuff in for a weekend...but too big to carry every day to school! They have these medium ones that I think would be perfect! can have them monogrammed however you like! They are great quality too! :) Look at ALL the colors! On sale for $20!!! What a great gift!!!

The Queen Bee Cosmetic bag would make such a cute little Christmas gift! Fill it with gift certificates, cute make-up, or bath products! Only $21! Love the big black graphic on this! I would love it for myself even! I always love new make-up/travel bags!

Tell me that you don't love this!!!I love the colors AND the cute leopard print! I think that all three puppies need this for Christmas!! They personalize these for free! They are $35 each. Think of all the fun puppy treats and toys you could fit in there!



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful November class the other day we talked all about Thanksgiving and how it is on the 26th of November. Then...I had them number a paper from 1 to 26 and name 26 things that they are thankful for. Of course...I got the random answers such as: toilets, Wal-Mart, etc.....but it made me think that I needed to challenge myself to think of these 26 things! It's actually a lot harder than you would think....

We should be thankful every day...but, these are specifics in my life right now :

1. My relationship with God

2. My husband, who is so loving to me no matter what.

3. My family, who has always been by me, through thick and thin.

4. My best friends....growing up, college, and newest. They are all different in so many ways. All of our experiences together over the year have made me who I am!

5. I am thankful to have a job. I was without a job for six month and I am so grateful to finally have a new job and to finally be teaching! I know this is something that I will do for a very long time...unless I ever open a store of course!

6. I am thankful for weekends. Being with 16 ten year olds all day for 5 days a week is very wearing on one person. Especially your first year!

7. I am thankful for little people (no not like midgets....but like kids/babies!). Especially my friends....Riley Jane and William....they make me smile so much EVERY time I see them! I cannot help but giggle with them!

8. I am thankful for our "couple friends" Billy and Becky. Don't you just love it when you (as a couple) have another couple that you all get along with so well? We ALL love being around eachother and have so much fun! We have all grown so much closer in the last two years....who would have thought that we would be at the hospital for their son to be born?! We are basically family...

9. I am thankful for our church, The Village. What an amazing church and preacher. We love everything about our church. Who cares if we have to drive 45 minutes to get there?!

10. I am thankful to live in such a free country.

11. I am thankful for my pups that bring me lots of smiles!

12. I am thankful for our cute little house that we have worked hard on! I feel like it has come a long way!

13. I am thankful for fall weather...the coolness is welcomed! But not the cold....I am not ever ready for that!

14. I am thankful to have a girl's weekend this is much needed!

(this is where my sillier ones come in)

15. I am thankful for warm coffee on cold mornings.

16. I am thankful for mexican food.....oh yum!

17. I am thankful for the silly questions that my fourth graders ask me from time to time...sometimes I need a laughter break during the day!

18. I am thankful for not being a confrontational person...I think I would have a LOT more drama in my life if I was!

19. I am thankful for big fluffy comforters...I love to snuggle up!

20. I am thankful for just cannot watch 3 shows all at the same time!

21. I am thankful for creativity. I love just randomly painting or making things and I am glad that I have the ability to do so!

22. I am thankful for recess on crazy days at school...
23. I am thankful that we have a warm home to live in...some people are not that fortunate and I don't ever want to take that for granted....especially on a cold morning like this!
24. I am thankful for good new books....I just started a Bible study on becoming the Proverbs 31 woman and I am quite excited about the 90 day journey ahead of me!
25. I am thankful for Christmas music! I got in my car last night and one of the radio stations here has already started playing it! It got me really in the Christmas mood....especially since this cold weather has hit!
26. I am thankful for the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks ahead!!!
What are you thankful for?!

Francesca's Finds!

I definitely LOVE Francesca's Collections....if you have never been there...go visit their website....NOW!!! They always have fun and different clothes that aren't too expensive! I haven't been in a I had to get on the website and find some cute new stuff!

Here is what I got for ya.....

Without A Doubt Dress - $38

Without A Doubt Dress

Canto Knit Dress - $44
Canto Knit Dress

Mini Blind Top - $34
Mini Blind Top

By Your Side Cardigan - $34
By Your Side Cardigan

Queen Elizabeth Coat - $78
Queen Elizabeth Coat

Get to shopping ladies!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Missed it too much...

Hello!! Happy Thursday!!!

Well folks...I realized that I have NOT done a shopping post in a while now! I am really missing it! I will try to do more in the days ahead! Since it is fall and fall makes me think of the leaves turning beautiful colors AND Thanksgiving....I thought I would do a post on the fun things that I am wanting from Williams Sonoma right now!! By the way....any donations are welcomed.... HA!

I LOVE this gorgeous monogrammed hurricane vase that they have right now! This would look so pretty filled with cranberries and a pretty candle in the middle of a table! It's $78!

I have been on a big waffle/pancake swing lately! These looked so yummy to me! I love all of the random foods and spices that Williams Sonoma offers! All of the mixes that I have tried from there have been great! But these....they are like little fried pancake balls! They remind me of funnel cakes.....mmmm...with powdered sugar..... gosh! Only $9.50 ladies!!!

I absolutely LOVE these Asolo bowls and the platter! When we got married, we registered for red dishes from Dillards and the Asolo salad plates. They look perfect together and we have them set out on the table all the time....just because I love the way they look! I would love to add these pieces to my dinnerware! Bowls - $72 for a set of 4 and the platter is $76! They are a little pricey...but so cute!
As you probably have figured out by now...I am what you call a "weeknight cooker." I really don't cook much on the weekends because I feel like that is my time to go out to eat! But when I do cook during the week...I want something that is super delish and pretty dang easy to make! I bet this cookbook would be PERFECT for just that! It's $34.95! Let's be honest...the cover just made me hungry..... :)

I absolutely love these little apple pie and pumpkin pie fried pie molds!! How cute are these?! I have never seen anything like them! But here is what I would want to they come with a recipe for these yummy looking fried pies!? I hope so! Maybe I will go chck these out this weekend.... They are $10! Not too bad! And so fall festive!!!
Would you like to know the COOLEST thing I found during my Williams Sonoma browsing?? it is! This is so clever to me! WINE LABEL REMOVERS! I think that wine bottles have the coolest labels ever! They are all so different and unique. I'm not going to lie...I used to buy wine depending on which one LOOKED the best/cutest/coolest! This way, you can remember your favorite wines, if you need to. Who saves the bottles to remember? Now you can just peel off the label easily and save that! Or....I bet some of you crafty blog ladies out there could easily come up with a cool craft for these wine labels! Like framing them or something maybe! I would love it! These are $19.95!
What are you wishing for from Williams Sonoma this year???


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Please pray for me this week....

This is nothing too serious...but I need some prayers!

As you all know...I am a fourth grade teacher and this is my very first year teaching! I am teaching at a small Christian school here in Texas. I love it here and all of the other teachers have been great to me!

Well...I recieved a new student on Tuesday. She is the FIRST exchange student that our elementary has ever gotten! We have had plenty in our high school and junior high. So, our school is used to this sort of thing. Here is the new little girl is Chinese...but was born and raised in Costa Rica! So... she is fluent in Chinese and speaks this to her family. She is also fluent in Spanish because that is what she grew up around. To be quite honest, I wasn't too sure if she spoke ENGLISH!!! But, I finally started getting some one-word answers out of her. She is just extremely shy! I am just struggling with how to get her up to pace with the rest of our class. She has never been to school in America, I know that the English grammar and all of that are really going to get to her! I just know that it will be a struggle for me, specifically since this is my first year and figuring out all of the regular students and their abilities has already been a struggle!

I just need prayers for wisdom and guidance in how to deal with this new student!! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!



Monday, November 2, 2009


Hello and Happy Monday!!

I have a random question for you all that I need help with!!

My classroom is putting together a basket for a silent auction at our school. Our classroom theme for the basket is COOKING! I am really excited about it! Parents are bringing in some great goodies for it!

Here is my random question...does anyone know of any free printable blank recipe cards that I can find online?!? I thought it would be a cool idea to send some home and get the parents to put in their fave recipes for the basket for the winner!

Also...let me know of some of YOUR favorite recipes that I might be able to include!

Thanks for the help!!