Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh my WORD....

I just realized that I have not posted ANYTHING in about a month! That is insane! I don't know why I keep putting my blog on the back-burner....I am so sorry friends! I am still reading don't give up on me yet! I will try to better myself!

Life has been SUPER stressful for me lately...I have been in a really weird state-of-mind and cannot seem to really shake this funk that I am in. I am not exactly sure what it is...but I know that there are a lot of things that are contributing to the "funk". Hopefully I will get over it all soon!

So....I have a super big question for all of you CUTE and PRECIOUS shoppers, shop owners, business owners, etc! A good friend of mine approached me this morning and said that they are considering purchasing a retail store from a couple. They will have an initial meeting with them in the next week or so. She wanted to know what kind of questions she should ask the owners about their business so that she can gather information and figure out if it is a right fit for her and her husband to purchase! They want to be good decision makers and good stewards with their has also been a BIG passion of hers to own a store! So.... if you me come up with some questions for her to ask these store owners! I would appreciate it so much!!

I may even rewards all of you fun blog friends with a little giveaway! I already have one in mind! :) Get excited!

Thanks for the help!!!