Thursday, January 27, 2011


Want to win these SUPER cute "Whosoever" Owl Notecards from Sterling Grace?!

Go here for your chance to win :

Giveaway ends Friday at 11am (CST)!! Jump over there and get entered in the contest!



Monday, January 24, 2011

Spring Loves....

I am LOVING all of the pink and gray that is trending for Spring! I found some little pretties to make your Monday a little bit brighter! ENJOY!

XOXO - Hilary

J.Crew - Siren Dress - $98.00
Siren dress

Leopard Flats - Forever21 - $18.80

Embellished Capsleeve Dress - Forever21 - $22.80

Friday, January 21, 2011

Show Us Your Singles!!!!

Okay...Kelly at Kelly's Corner is hosting a "Show Us Your Singles" blog post where you can place a link to your single friends or family members! She has done this in the past and has had couples come out of it! What a cool and unconventional idea!

Well...let me show you MY single!!!

I have TWO best friends in the high school BFF and my college BFF. My college BFF is my SINGLE!!!!

Meet Katie....
Katie is 27 and lives in Bossier City, LA. (yes boys....she is a huge LSU fan!!! GEAUX TIGERS!) She works as a physical therapy assistant and LOVES what she does! Katie is a true southern girl! She is a beautiful person, both inside and out, loves her some JESUS, and she is honestly the best kind of friend to have too! She loves to dance, decorate her cute house, shop, go to the lake, sing to the name it...she is a FUN girl! All the boys LOVE her...but maybe you can be the lucky one to finally snag her!

Meet Katie C :

Katie and I before my wedding :

Katie with her sweet nephew :

Spread the word about my sweet Katie!!!



What to do...What to do....

So....I was looking through the NEW Spring Willow House catalog last night...there are SO many cute new things in there! I have had my eye on these super cute glass domes for a while and I am really considering purchasing them soon. I would REALLY like to use them somehow on our breakfast table...but not really sure what to put under them. I would LOVE to hear your ideas! I have seen people put a cute little bird nest with eggs and things of that sort....I just don't know! FEED ME YOUR IDEAS PLEASE!!!!! :)

Also...I have REALLY had my eye on the Lady Jane Bottleneck looks SUPER cute with wine corks in it, sitting on a table or buffet..... oh decisions decisions!!!!!

Lady Jane Bottleneck Vase: Small

I want to hear your ideas!!!



Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I just thought this was REALLY cool and wanted to share it with you all! I work for an amazing Christian Jewelry company - Sterling Grace. It's a small company right here in East not a big chain or anything! Well...a few years ago when Jordin Sparks won American Idol, she was wearing one of our sterling silver Jeremiah 29:11 scripture bangles (it's the one on her left arm)! It turns out that the owner of Sterling Grace is a good friend of Leesa Bellesi who leads ministry opportunities with the American Idol contestants. She gave Jordin this bracelet and she continues to pass them on from time to time to other contestants!

There is a book being written about behind-the-scenes happenings and stories about American Idol and Leesa actually wrote her part in the book and talked about the bracelets! How cool is that?! Here is a link to an article written about it in the New York Post- CLICK HERE! Word on the street is that Leesa will actually be on a VERY popular tv show in a few weeks talking about this book and even giving a shout out about the bracelets! I will let you know when I hear more details!

Want to see the bangles for yourself? There are a lot of different ones...check them out!



Monday, January 10, 2011

Shop Shop Shop!

I know...TWO whole posts in ONE day?!?!? Yes....I am working at home today because of the East Texas "snow" I thought I would take a break and throw out one more blog post!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I am a Design Consultant for Willow House on the side. Well...I got really excited today because the **NEW** SPRING Willow House catalogs just arrived at my house! There are SO many CUTE new things available from Willow House this season...I cannot hardly stand it! I cannot wait to get my new sample kit in the mail for my upcoming home parties!

Many people don't know that you can actually sop Willow House items ONLINE! You don't have to attend a party to shop with Willow House! Jump on my personal website and start shopping around... . The Spring items are not actually up on the website yet....but I am MORE than happy to mail you a catalog if you need one! Please email me and let me know!

Also....I recently put together a Facebook Fan Page for my Willow House adventures, please add yourself to it for fun updates - CLICK HERE! I MIGHT even be having a giveaway soon!

LOVE the Portico Accent Plates AND the Cinnabar Bakeware! These are SERIOUSLY my two Willow House faves!!!

What do you L-O-V-E from Willow House?! Would love to hear from you!

**Remember...if you DO jump to my website and shop around...make sure that you put my name as your consultant when you check out! :)


Hilary H.

Pass The Time....

I have a new favorite thing that I like to do on the weekends to pass the time....(NO it isn't sewing....yet!)'s just taking off and driving around on the back roads of East Texas! Not by myself but with my sweet husband! We have done this the past two weekends. It is the most relaxing thing ever and we love to see what all of the small towns around us have available. We love to find new little hole-in-the-wall restaurants in these little towns and just create an adventure around it all! We also love to look at the houses....big and small...and all of the land that surrounds them. It's a really great disconnect from the hustle and bustle of our weekly lives.

If you haven't ever done this or just haven't done it in a while....I would take some time this coming weekend and just get out there and drive. Get lost out in the country and create an adventure for yourself! Get out there and see what God has created because sometimes we really just take it all for granted....

Let me know where your travels lead!



Friday, January 7, 2011

Peacock Help!

If anyone has a cool picture or graphic of a peacock feather....could you PLEASE email it to me?! I am working on a little project and this would help me out! If you don't have you know of a website that might?! It doesn't have to be a can be a drawing, graphic, whatever! I need as much help as I can get!!! :)

Email it to :




Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reap What You Sew....

Many of you emailed or commented asking me what TYPE of sewing machine I received for Christmas and what books I bought to go with my machine and my sewing adventures! goes :

Sewing Machine : Baby Lock A-Line Series Sofia2 - it sews AND embroiders!

Books : (I think I honestly bought these because the covers were super cute...don't judge me.)

Bend-the-Rules Sewing: The Essential Guide to a Whole New Way to Sew
Sew & Stow: 31 Fun Sewing Projects to Carry, Hold, and Organize Your Stuff, Your Home, and Yourself!
One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects; Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Yard of Fabric!

I received One-Yard Wonders and Bend The Rules Sewing in the mail yesterday! Out of the two....I must say that I am a lot more excited about One-Yard Wonders! There were so many cute projects in there and they don't seem too terribly complicated (but at the same time....I haven't tried to make anything yet!). Bend The Rules was a little more of a "teaching" type book. It went into more detail about how to do certain stitches and it's more beginner friendly!

I am thinking that a nice little dog bed might end up being my first REAL sewing task....I will keep you updated!

What books do you LOVE for sewing references?? I would love more advice and tips if you've got 'em! I am all ears!




Monday, January 3, 2011

So...I need YOUR help....

Yes...that's right....I need YOUR help!

So...I got one of THESE bad boys for Christmas....

...and I have NO idea what I am doing!!

I mean...I know the basics...I can sew a cord cover and a pillow. But this thing is a little can sew at a rapid speed and can even EMBROIDER!!! How cool is that?! I am planning on running up to the shop where my mother-in-law bought this and take a lesson or two so that I can become more familiar with this crazy piece of equipment.

Here is where your help comes in.... any tips, tricks, or books I should read to teach me how to make some cool stuff?! I just ordered three books on Amazon.....I am just hoping that they are pretty user-friendly! I am ready to make...a laptop case...a cute skirt...and many other fun things....let's hope they turn out normal!!!

Can't wait to hear your advice and suggestions!