Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Farewell Fort Worth!

If you knew that you had to move TODAY, what would you miss the most about your current town/city??

I started thinking about this tonight when I was in the drive-thru line of one of my fave fast food restaurants. Clearly, this hit home since we are moving away from Fort Worth on Friday.

Here is my list of what I will miss about Fort Worth :

1. Joe T. Garcia's
2. Our First House
3. Our Neighbor's - Elaine and The Shorts
4. Gloria's Restaurant
5. SUPER Target (ughhh....I don't even want to TALK about it...)
6. Francesca's Collections
7. The Stockyards and Billy Bob's
8. Downtown Fort Worth
9. The McCord Family
10. The Buckmasters
11. My Fourth Graders
12. The Village Church and Matt Chandler
13. The Cows Behind Our House (we just became friends....)
14. My Skeeter Puppy....
15. Southlake Town Square
16. "Our" Donut Place
17. My Women's Bible Study Group
18. Mooyah Burgers
19. NOT seeing people I know EVERYWHERE I go
20. The new amazing farmer's market we JUST found...

(I am sure there are many many more...but it's hard to think of things off of the top of my head!)

There is ONE big thing that I will NOT miss : T.R.A.F.F.I.C!!!! It took me an HOUR to get to work today! My school is ONLY 13 miles from my house!

Please be in prayer for me about finding a new job in Tyler. I have some things in the works right now, but I really want to know something soon so that I don't have to worry/think about it all summer long! I want to be able to relax and nest in my new home! I know God has brought us 90% of the way so far, he isn't going to let me down for the next 10% of this journey!



Tuesday, May 25, 2010


What I am reading at the moment :

The Unveiled Series by Francine Rivers : TAMAR

Have you read this?! If's AMAZING so far! Go get it today! It is one book in a series of 5 books about women in the Bible who made a huge difference!

Well...I am so sorry that I have not been around too much lately. We don't have internet set up at the house yet and cannot figure out HOW to get it out there! We are outside of the city it has been a daunting task! Plus...I cannot figure out how to blog from my iphone!!! Can anyone help me out?! I would love to know how!

I hope that everyone is having a great summer so far! I promise.....I will be around more in the days ahead!!!!! :)

Best Mom...

Yes...I have the best mom ever.

She is crazy, fun, ditzy, smart, etc.

But another thing that makes her so knows me ALL too well. I say that, because I was suprised with a REALLY good birthday present on my front door step. She sent me these bad boys :

I was SHOCKED when I got my black Tory Burch Revas in the mail!! I have a fake pair...that did not compare ( to the point of having a completely different gold disc!)...but I had almost worn them out because I loved them so much! Now...I have my coveted REAL pair of Torys! Love all of her stuff...I might be addicted to the Revas even more now....I may or may not have gotten online and seen ALL of the other colors TB has (I am thinking that I also need the hot pink pair and the red snake pair). I also may or may not have gotten on Ebay and bid on some of them!! HAHA! Oh well..... :) I did get a text from my mom after I got the shoes : "Now who's the best mom ever?" She is nuts....

Thanks Mom!



Monday, May 24, 2010

Agave Anyone?

Dear Agave Nectar,
You intrigue me, intimidate me, and make me curious! I am so anxious to use you on something, but I have no idea where to start.
Yours questioningly,
Hilary Casey and I have watched Guy Fieri use Agave Nectar many times on his show. We were very intrigued by it and had never heard of anyone using it before. I would sometimes glance down the aisles at the grocery store and see if I could find any....but nope. Then, on Sunday morning, our friend John concocted some sort of drink using it! He said it was great stuff! Later on, we were at a farmer's market/organic grocery store for lunch and found some! We bought TWO bottles....light and amber. But now...we don't know what to do with them! I have been told that you can use it on pancakes or biscuits as a syrup or honey substitue. But, I want to COOK with it! It just seems so exotic and foreign to me! Can anyone help me out?! I would love to hear any recipes or ideas that you mgiht have for this stuff! :)

On another note....moving OUT day is on Thursday and moving IN day is on Friday!!! I am soooo ready for all of this to be OVER with, I cannot hardly control myself! Keep praying for our move!
Cannot wait to hear your recipes and ideas!



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hilabeans Giveaway!!!

I am doing my first ever Hilabeans Frame GIVEAWAY!!!!'s not here on MY will have to visit my friend BECKY's blog to enter! Spread the word and enter the giveaway!!!! I am really excited about it and cannot WAIT to see who wins!!!



Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday Week!

I looooooove Birthday Week!
My birthday is on Sunday, May Monday officially starts Birthday Week for me! My husband thinks its so silly to celebrate all week....but it's the only week that I can!!!

We have some fun plans for this weekend.... we are going to pack up more of the house on Friday and Saturday. Then, we will meet up with a bunch of fun friends on Saturday night at a Fort Worth "must" restaurant. If you have ever been to Fort probably know about Joe T. Garcia's. They have delish Mexican food and the most gorgeous patio ever! I am sure we will all hang out there for quite a while and then possibly go and roam around the Stockyards. We love the Stockyards! It is full of old Fort Worth buildings/businesses, brick streets, and lots of music and fun!

But now....I need to figure out what to wear! I can't order anything, since I don't have much time....but maybe you can help me out!

One Shoulder Rosette Dress - Forever 21

Chantilly Lace Chiffon Dress - Forever 21

Ruffled Crepe Satin Dress - Forever 21

Lounge Artiste Dress - Francesca's Collections

Lounge Artiste Dress

Tribal Fusion Dress - Francesca's Collections

Tribal Fusion Dress

Bettie Sundress - Francesca's Collections

Bettie Sundress

Yacht Club Dress - Francesca's Collections

Let me know what you think about these and which one YOU would pick!! I need some input! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!



Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blog Sale!!!!!

Since we are packing up the house and getting ready to move, I thought I might try to sell a few items out of my closet! Most of this stuff really has not hardly been worn at all! I tend to buy some things and then realize later that I don't actually like the way they look on me! I hope that you find something here you like and that fits you or someone you know!

Each item will will cost about $5 extra for shipping! Just FYI!

Spread the word about my blog sale!

Treasure Rock Black Tunic - SMALL - $25
It has gray and silver embellishments and the word "embrace" and "empower"
*Would be super cute with some gray leggings!

Velvet Torch Peacock Dress - Small - $35
*Super cute on....I just don't have the chest for it!
*Bought this about a year ago at Nordstrom and it has only been worn twice

GAP Long and Lean Jeans - 0 Regular - $15
*Have probably only been worn about 5 times

Old Navy - Skinny Stretch Jeans - 1 Regular - $10
*Only worn once. I am NOT a person who looks cute in skinny jeans!

Aryeh Plaid Dress - Small - $25

*If you have ever had an Aryeh dress, you know they are SUPER comfy and look really cute with leggings.
*I have a few of their dresses and they last a long time!
*Has only been worn once

Minuet Dress - Small - $35

*Love this just didn't look as good on me after I bought it! Like the peacock dress...I just don't have the chest for it! So cute for a wedding or cockatil party!
*Never been worn!!!!

XT - Black Skirt - Small (fits like an XS) - $20
*Really cute layering detail!
*A silky cotton material
*Never been worn!

Feel free to might get lucky!!!!

Happy shopping! Leave me comments or email me with any questions!



Sunday, May 9, 2010


Thinking about doing a Hilabeans Frame GIVEAWAY!!

Check out the Hilabeans Facebook Fan Page and let me know which frame YOU want to see given away! I want to know what your favorites are! While you are there...add yourself as a fan! You won't be sorry! :)

Cannot wait to hear your responses!!!



Friday, May 7, 2010

New Frame Orders!

I wanted to share a few of the newest frames I have made for various people and friends!

"L" for Laura
"S" for Soria

"M" for McBride

New CROSS frame! This one can come in any color! It's super cute in can personalize it too!

"N" for Northup

"Soria" family frame

"I" for Isabella

From a granddaughter to her grandmother - "Grace & Grams"

For a mom from her kids..."Alyssa, Greg, Charisse"

"The Furrs"

It's kind of hard to see this in the picture, but it's a Mother's Day frame from a granddaughter to grandmother - "One Day I Will Ask For A Pony..."

As you can see, I have been SUPER busy lately with the packing of the house and the frame orders that are continually pouring in! I am loving it though!

Don't forget about Hilabeans Frames for great and inexpensive teacher and graduation gifts! Also...follow Hilabeans Frames on Facebook!

I will tell you, that I am going to take frame orders through the 15th of May and then will be putting them on hold for a while. We will be in between houses, so I will be packing up the paints until we get moved in! Get your orders in ASAP!!!

Email me for ordering or more information :

Have a wonderful weekend!!!



Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hey ladies!

I am contemplating setting up an OFFICIAL website for Hilabeans Frames! I have a great friend who is going to help me out with this....but he wanted me to send him some website ideas to spark something for my own. Share with me some of the cute websites that you love! I have drawn a blank and cannot think! I would REALLY appreciate it!!!!