Monday, October 27, 2008


Hi everyone!! I am soooooo sorry that life has been INCREDIBLY hectic lately!! I have been so busy at work and have not had a chance to blog much! And now THIS week we relocated our that has been crazy in itself! I thought I would do a new "I WANT" day! Hopefully I won't be SO crazy this next week and can fill you in on more fun things!!

For starters...I love this necklace!! My mother-in-law's best friend has an amazing jewelry company called Sterling Grace. She is an amazing woman with such a serving heart. She designs all of her jewelry herself and most of her jewelry is religiously inspired and has a meaning behind it! I was at her store not too long ago and saw this particular necklace and fell in love! It's only $58! I want! I want! Go on her website, read her story, and browse her collections!

I found these candles on! They are black and have great ornate designs on them! They would look so cute throughout my house or up on my mantle! They are called Transforming Candles because the heat from the flame allows the ornate designs to show through! They come in all different scents and are $26.50!

Thanks to my good friend Cara Beth...I am a little obsessed with this picture now! I have searched through Etsy and there are SO many of these in SO many different colors! I need to figure out a good place in my house for this! I found this particular one on sfgirlbybay's Esty shop! Only $25!! In England, during the World War II era, this poster was on display urging British citizens to "Keep Calm and Carry On". You can read more about the history here!

I found this chair at Pier 1 Imports ...I love it!! It's such a clssy little chair! I would love to have two of these to put into the sitting area that I am trying to create in my dining room! They are sellilng them for $350! It's such a great neutral chair...and I am sure that a cute pillow would also make it stand out alot more!! LOVE! you know how I LOVE Ballard Designs right?? Well, I LOVE this new tote bag that they have!! IT's only $20!!! What a great Christmas present!! They made this and two other styles for their 25th Anniversary...well the other two styles have sold out!!! So you better grab this one fast!! But not TOO many...I need a few!!!! :) SO super cute!!!

I hope that this blog will "feed the beast" for a little bit! Enjoy and go buy something fun!!! And PLEASE let me know if you do buy any of these things that I showcase! I would love to hear what you think about them! I have a friend that bought the Soggy Dog towel and said it was GREAT! I love to know that people are reading and really do enjoy these products! LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY FUN FAVORITE THINGS THAT I MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT!!



Friday, October 17, 2008


Today I am going to do things a little bit differently! I am going to share with you my favorite things that I love to use during my daily regiment! Hopefully you will find that they will be some of your favorite things too! I am such a product AND makeup junkie! I get in trouble lots of times for having WAY too much! I was looking under my sink this morning ( I was packing for a trip this weekend) and noticed that I have two bags of make-up that I am not using! I ted to keep make-up for a long time and continuall switch it all out! Also, I used to get in trouble, because I would always have three different bottles of shampoos or shower gels in the shower at all times! I just love to switch it up!! are my faves!!

For starters...I LOVE this concealer! It's Clinique's Advanced Concealer. I really don't wear very much Clinique...their lipsticks and stuff just don't look good on me! But I love this stuff! It has awesome coverage! I have worn this since I was a Sopohomore in college...I specifically remember when I first bought it. I was at Dillard's with Katie and she was looking for new concealer...the woman told us that this stuff was so good, that it would even cover up a black eye! SOLD to the tall blonde and the short brunette! It's a very small bottle...but a little bit goes a long ways! I think the tube that I have right now, I bought about 4 or 5 months ago!

Next thing on my list...Clinique Super Fit Makeup! This stuff is very light on your face and you don't feel like you have a ton of make-up caked on! But it still gives good coverage as well. I love the way it makes your face fel once you have put it's this odd silky/soft feeling! I love this stuff!
Mac Cosmetics are one of my most favorite lines of makeup! They always have new and fun stuff to try and the colors are ENDLESS! I have tons of their eyeshadows...but I particularly LOVE their bronzer!! I am a bronzer fanatic! I don't do powder at ALL... I just go straight for the bronze baby! But I am not one of those girls that wears so much that her face is orange and completely unnatural! You just have to watch yourself and really blend it! I wear this in both Golder or Matte Bronze. It seems a little sparkly when you first get a new compact...but really it's not as bad as it looks!

Rimmel is a great line if you are looking into not spending very much at all! If you haven't heard of it, it's a drugstore line and pretty dang cheap! I know this sounds bad...but I LOVE thick almost clumpy mascara! I dn't like to feel like I have nothing on my lashes...that is for sissies! Plus, my lashes tend to be kind of straight, so I need something to help them hold the little bit of curl from my eyelash curler! I use the Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara in black! I think that eyes are the most attractive thing that a girl has....why not make then stand out!?

Ya'll.....I love lipgloss! No, like, I REALLY love lipgloss! And, like my mascara, I really like it kind of thick! But not TERRIBLY thick to where the wind blows and all of your hair is then stuck to your face! I LOVE Mac's lipglass ( don't have a spelling problem!) in PRRR. This color honestly looks great on everybody! It's a pretty subtle pearly pink color! Go try some!

Moving best friend Liz got me hooked on Bumble and Bumble Creme De Coco shampoo and conditioner! This stuff smells great and it makes your hair SUPER soft too! The great thing about this product line is that it used to only really be sold in salons and specialty Target carries it too! YAY!

I have really thick, long I use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle alot of the time! I will use it by itself or even mix a little bit in with other conditioner. I really like a THICK conditioner. I feel like it makes my hair fix so much better! This stuff is awesome and super cheap too! A little goes a long way with it will last you a while!

Now...onto every girls (or at least it seems like it!) best friend! I could not look like a decent person without the love, care, and support of my Chi Straightener! This thing is THE straightener! I just love it! My hair is super thick and tends to have a little bit of a wave to it... even if I don't dry my hair and let it go wavy...this bad boy can straighten that out! They tend to be around $100-ish but they have a waranty on them and they are VERY wrth the money! Think of haw many $25 straighteners you have had to buy! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I just love Aussie products! They are so super cheap and work really great! YES...I am a southern girl...and YES I tend to give my hair a little extra "oomph" by teasing it a little bit! Not like joking/ "here is my professional teasing comb and my hardcore hairspray" teasing... you should ask my sorority sisters... we are obsessed! This hairspray is AWESOME! Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray...go get some! I love hairspray that you can kind of feel in your hair and know that it is doing its job! This stuff is it!

Last, but not least, this is the best smelling lotion EVER! It's Crabtree and Evelyn Naturals Line in Mage Butter and Grapefruit. It's called Body Butter because it's a much thicker lotion than normal. It is so moisturizing! I love it big time! Go get you some!

Well...there you have it folks! That is my list for today!! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you found some fun and great things for you to try yourself!! I would LOVE to know what some of your personal faves are! I am always looking for new things to try! Let me know!!!!

I am leaving work early to travel to Arkansas for the weekend...I am super excited! I haven't been back since this time last year! Plus, I get to see most all of my old friends! YAY! I hope you all have a perfect weekend and stay super safe! Safety NEVER takes a vacation...even though you may! :)



Tuesday, October 14, 2008


If you like Chicken Salad...make this! It's another easy one! Obviously...I have to have easy recipes when we both work all day and we are worn out by the time we get home! The last thing I want to do is make a big hard meal! But sometimes I will get motivated to do so! My mom gave me this recipe and I am not sure where she got it...but this one and my mother-in law's chicken salad are my favorites!


(clearly we kind of wing-it on this judge the measurements to your liking!)

TWO cans of cooked chicken (or you can cook your own!)

Light Mayo

Purple Grapes Sliced in Half

Celery - Chopped

Carrot - Shaved

A Pinch or Two of Dill

Mix all of this together and VOILA! It's great on croissants and a super easy and filling meal!
Yes...I am having this for lunch I was inspired to share!! Enjoy!!! :)

Aunt Hil and Uncle Case!

I am VERY proud to introduce to you Miss Blair Elizabeth!! She is our precious precious SUPER cute niece!!! She was born on Saturday, October 11 at 6:24 pm. She weighed 8 pounds and 1 ounce and she is THE cutest baby alive!

Proud Mama and Papa! The love her so much already! I cannot even to begin to imagine the emotion of it all!

Me and Meredith discussing everything that went on in the delivery room....we are SUCH sisters! I don't know what I would do without having her loving heart around!

Me and little Blair Bear! She sure does love her Aunt Hil! Gosh...she is going to be SOOOOOO spoiled! I can tell already!

Just look at that proud Uncle!! He could not WAIT to meet little Blair! He was super excited about being an Uncle! It was the cutest thing in the world!

AWWWWW..... He kept saying..." I just love the way she smells!!"

We were SO excited to get the phone call on Saturday afternoon that Meredith was going into labor! The girl had been sitting at home all morning kind of waiting her contractions out!! By the time she decided to go to the hospital...she was already dialated to a SIX! We had gone to buy wood floors for our house and we literally left our cart and ran out of the store! We had to haul butt and get home to pack our stuff upfor the night! It took us about 4 hours to get to the hospital. Meredith ended up having her about an hour before we got there! Did I mention that Mere had her ALL NATURAL!?! She was planning on having the epidural but ended up waiting too long! She is SOOOOOOO proud of herself though for going without! We were sad that we weren't there when it happened...but we are so happy that she is healthy and finally HERE!

She was also a big surprise because Meredith and Christian didn't want to find out if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl! So, everyone was anticipating the birth THAT much more! We could not possibly love her anymore and we cannot wait to watch her grow up before our eyes! I cant wait to see her again in about a month! Casey will sadly have to wait until December to see her again!

The whole way home, we kept talking about having kids and all of that! It is so fun to think about it all and we WOULD like to have kids relatively close to their kids' ages. Blair is the first and I bet they end up having 3 or 4 kids. Casey and I never really had cousins that we were close in age with that we were close to! We want that for our kids...but I still think it will be a couple of years before we start thinking about jumping over THAT hurdle!

By the way...if you are looking for a REALLY super sweet gift to give someone that is having a baby, buy this! I found it about a week before Blair Elizabeth came along and EVERYONE was gushing over how sweet this book was! I found it at Barnes and Noble!




The Secret Is In The Sauce is hosting a blog-a-thon with lots of free giveaways!! Go look...but dont enter in the giveaways....I want to win it all!! :)

I will be back later on to write a little more!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Favorite Things FRIDAY!!!

So...I guess that this is going to become a tradition! I got to work this morning and started piddling around...then remembered that I had not done my research for today's favorite things! So....I started winging it and scouring websites for some fun things! Maybe it will inspire you to buy or help you find something that YOU were looking for!!

Go to! This is a new website for me and they have some SUPER cute things!! The first thing that I found was the 12 Days of Christmas Keepsake Plate Set! It's such a cute, whimsical, and colorful take on the 12 Days of Christmas! It comes with 12 (obviously) porcelain appetizer plates in a super cute box! These are $95....I would LOVE to have them but we really go out of town for it might be a waste!

Second on my list is something that I actually already have! When I graduated college, my aunt bought me one of these and I used it all the time! I would take it on interviews and write all kinds of notes in it! But, I loved it so much, that I always made sure that I had good handwriting when I wrote in it! I didn't want scribbles messing up my beautiful notebook! It came from Red Envelope...if you have never visited their website or seen their are missing out! They have LOTS of good gifts! Anyways...I have the red Croc-Embossed notebook...and mine has my name on it too! I DO love personalized gifts! I wish that I had every single one of these! I love all of the colors and they are SO precious!

Another one from DOG! Now, I don't know about you...but when I give my dogs a bath, it's a mess! I always do it at I DON'T do it outside! Therefore...the dogs are running around our bathroom all wet b/c they wont let me dry them off good! Soggy Dog is the FIRST Dog-Only Drying Towel! How cool is THAT?! Clearly...we always just use our people towels... See if the green mit looking parts of the towel in the pic? just slip your hands in those and go to town drying your pup off! I think this is such a cool thing to have! It's $27.50...not TOO bad...since you will be using it alot and all!

Please Please PLEASE tell me that you have had a Sprinkles Cupcake before!!!! If not...HOLY COW!!! You should be SO mad at yourself! These are the best and most rich cupcakes that I have ever had! If you know know that I LOVE cupcakes! Who doesn't like a smaller, cuter, less messy version of cake?! These take the cake (oh LORD....)!! They only have bakeries in a few prime locations including: Dallas, Houston, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Pheonix, and San Francisco. If you are near any of these areas.....make a stop! The one is Dallas ALWAYS has a line inside! Everytime I go, I buy a box of 4. 2 for me, 2 for Casey. The Red Velvet is my fave and he likes the Black and White (Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles). I have seen people order these for various showers and they are super cute! They even have DOGGIE CUPCAKES!!!! Casey and I were in Williams Sonoma not too long ago and saw that they are actually selling the Sprinkles mixes! Who knew?! We HAD to buy some! But, I am not going to lie......they were not NEAR as good! Can you tell how passionate I am?! My mouth is watering now...........dang it!

Target....need I say more? I can't talk about my favorite things without throwing in some sort of clothing item AND I cannot help but go to Target and just SEE what new things they have gotten in every week! We were walking around Target a couple of night ago and I saw this Isaac Mizrahi coat! How CUTE is that?! It has 3/4 sleeves and herringbone print! If someone were to ask me what my favorite prints are, I would tell them: Damask, Houndstooth, and HERRINGBONE! This is super cute, very chic, could be put with jeans if needed, and not too expensive!! It's running for $89.99 right now...but I am sure we will see that price drop! Keep your eyes on it! But don't buy an extra small...that one's mine!

I can't think of anything else to add to my list right now! Don't you love the fact that people keep asking me what I want for Christmas...and I cannot think of a thing that I want...and then I go and write this every Friday! I should print off business cards with my blog on it, so that when someone asks me what I want...they can just be sent on to the site!

What are some of YOUR favorite things?! Let me know....I love to hear about cool things that I haven't come across yet! Inspire me!! Clearly, it can be, clothes, decorative items, dog stuff, etc!

Well...the baby still has not come yet! We are all thinking that it will be here this weekend. If my sister-in-law doesn't have it by Tuesday, then they will induce her. She had a few contractions Wednesday night, went to the doctor on Thursday and they didn't see much change. But the doctor even told her that she thought it would be this weekend! I bought a special little surprise for our new niece or nephew's super sweet and I cant wait to give it! But...I won't say what it is yet, just in case my sister is reading this!! I mean she IS at home just waiting around...she might be bored and decide to see what I am up to when I should be working!

Also...we might have had a prayer answered last night! Casey (as you know) is a big hunter! He is on the Ducks Unlimited committee in our area and we had to atten the DU annual banquet last night. Like I have mentioned before, we have really been struggling to find a new church home in our area. We love our old church so much, but it's about an hour from us now! So, it's really hard to make that drive on Sunday mornings! Also, it is very hard for us to be involved during the week being so far away. It has been stressing us out a little bit. Anyways, Casey and the president (i guess that is what you would call him) of this particular DU chapter were talking at the banquet last night. We were really there to promote Casey's sister and brother-in-law's camo company that they are forming. It's a faith based company and he was explaining that to David (the president). He said that for some reason, David just got a smile on his face and said "You and your wife need to come visit our church one weekend!" The church that they go to is actually one not too far from our house and one that I had been wanting to visit! We were so excited about it! He was SUPER nice....they wanted us to go with them to dinner after church (they have a Saturday service which we were thrilled about too!). Then he turned to me and said..."Do you eat deer or any wild game?" Well...I actually LOVE deer! Don't be mad...but it's so good! So he told us to gather up some of our friends and we could all have a big cookout at their house! What a great way to get to know people! The best thing about this is... Casey already has someone within this church that he can relate to and grow with. He loves to fellowship with people...but sometimes it is so hard for him to find other guys that he can relate to and that don't annoy him! :) Anyways...David was super nice and we are SO excited to get to know them and hopefully find a new church home where we can get really involved!

I hope you all have a very blessed weekend! Don't forget to tell me your favorites!



Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This is just one of those days where I am PRAYING that I come home and Casey says, "Hilary...have you considered just being a housewife and being around the house all day? Lots of things need to be done around here and I think it would be great if you took charge of it all and just quit working!" If only I could do that and we wouldn't be broke!
Keep dreaming Hilary...keep dreaming... I am just bored out of my MIND today and I have a headache AND I still have three and a half hours to go! GEEZ!

Sorry! I don't mean to be so gripey! I hope I didn't bring you down!

Random questions of the day...

1. Does anyone know how to make a cool diaper cake?? I am on a mission to teach myself how to make one!

2. Have you done a good devotional or Bible study lately?? I need to find a new one to get into! Church has been a bit of an issue with us lately and I need to get in my God-time somehow! It has been a big struggle for us because our church that we LOVE is now about 45 min to an hour from our's HARD to make it there on Sundays (when we ARE in town!). We have tried other churches closer to us...but we have become VERY picky! We have such a yearning to be involved and we just really need to find our place!

3. Will someone run to Starbucks and bring me a white chocolate mocha with vanilla? PLEASE? AND some Excedrin Migraine?



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tense Tuesday!

Well...everyone in my office is a little tense right now. I'm not going to's starting to wear on my nerves little bit! I work for a publishing company and I sell advertising for two of our publications. It IS a fun job and I enjoy what I do! I have only worked here since July... so I am still learning the ropes some! Anyways... our little locally owned company was bought out about a month ago by a bigger company out of Cleveland. Everyone here was on edge for a while because we all knew that they would be laying some people off...luckily...ALL of the sales team stayed! The new company is making alot of changes that I think WILL be beneficial in the long run... but with the economy the way it is right now... I really don't see the ad sales picking up a WHOLE lot in 2009! I just feel like I am in a frustrating situation right now...should I stay here and stick it out? They changed our payment structure it's very up and down and NOT incredibly stable...their motto is "you eat what you kill"....I just feel like I need something more stable than that! I am a pretty driven person and I know that I am more than capable to sell...but GOSH! What are we supposed to think right now?! Long story short...everyone is STRESSED!

Soooooo.....with being tense and all and not having much to do right now... the day was DRAGGING on this morning! I wasn't hungry for lunch... so I decided to head out of the office for a bit and go down to the closest Barnes & Noble.........

Grab a White Chocolate Mocha with Vanilla from the Starbucks inside.....

And just walk around through all of the books... Why is Barnes and Noble such a calming place to me?! I guess because it's all just know? It's not like a clothing store where there is jewelry to look at, purses to throw on my arm, clothes to be tried on, etc! Just book after book after book! I don't even have to look at them all....I mean yeah...they are all on different topics...but they are all just BOOKS! I literally just walked through aisle after aisle and maybe looked at about three books per aisle.... I really enjoyed it. I didn't even buy anything....except my drink...of course! AND...isn't it funny how there are so many books on getting out of debt...but you actually have to SPEND money on them? I just found it humorous!

I had a little time to spare when I left I decided to run into Pottery Barn next door and look at my stockings that I want to order. Of course...they didn't have them in the store yet... but I think I am going to order them online tomorrow anyways. The weather was alot cooler today and felt is breezy and sunny! We had rain all day it just made it feel like a real Fall day today! Fall is my most favorite season of the year! I just love the changing of the leaves and the crispness in the air! Plus...the warm smells that fall the smell of apple cider or of pumpkin spice candles...


Say a little prayer today is you think about it... My Sister-In-Law's baby is due today and there are no signs of contractions or anything yet. The doctor told her that they will only wait a week to induce her...but I can tell that she is REALLY ready for it all to be over with! She is feeling really worn out and they are ready to meet their new family member! They haven't even found out what the baby will be...they want it to be a big surprise! They are such special people and I know that God has and will bless them in so many ways. They actually found out in February that she was pregnant...but knowing that our wedding was in May...they didn't want to tell anyone until after the wedding so that they wouldn't steal our thunder in any way! It was such a sweet and humble guesture and we were all SO surprised to find out! She was a bridesmaid and NOBODY could tell that she was pregnant at all!!!

I hope that you all have an amazing day and pray that mine goes by faster!! I would MUCH rather be out in the glorious weather!



Monday, October 6, 2008


I made these last night with a casserole dish that we were having for dinner. I had made them about a year ago and I don't know why I never made them again! I remembered really liking them but for some reason I was thinking that it took alot of effort or doesn't!!! Make them tonight to go along with your dinner! They are easy and so super delicious! Casey literally asked me why I didn't make them every night!

Paula Deen's Garlic Cheese Biscuits
1 1/4 Cup of Biquick
1/2 Cup Grated Sharp Cheddar
1/3 Cup of Water
Garlic Butter:
1/2 Stick Butter
1/4 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
1/4 Teaspoon Salt
1/8 Teaspoon Dried Parsley Flakes
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Spray your baking sheet so they don't stick!

Combine the biscuit mix and cheese in a small bowl. Add the water and stir just until combined. The dough will be slightly moist. Drop the dough by tablespoonfuls onto the prepared baking sheet. Bake for about 10 minutes, until the biscuits are firm and beginning to brown.
While the biscuits are baking, make the garlic butter. In a small bowl, combine the butter, garlic powder, salt, and parsley flakes. Mix well. As soon as you bring the biscuits from the oven, brush them with the garlic butter using a pastry brush.
How easy is THAT?! This recipe made about 8 biscuits for us! They kind of taste like Red Lobster's biscuits...if you have ever had them! But ummmm...we only had one left when we went to bed last night! OOPS! :) I wish I had a picture for you but I don't! They don't look perfect when you cook them... they are actually pretty lumpy looking! But they are easy and delicious!!
I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a few hurdles to overcome this weekend...I might talk about them tomorrow when I am emotionally OVER them! Just some random things this weekend that really rattled my cage!! :)

Friday, October 3, 2008


Yes...I did watch some of the debate last night! I got a bit side-tracked after cleaning the house, running the grocery store because I decided that I could not go another day without pumpkins, helping cook dinner for Casey and our friend Justin (they grilled...I did what I could!), and giving the dogs baths (they stunk BAD!). I finally sat down for a bit and watched. I know this is random...but the one thing that I was most impressed with was Palin's ability to continually look into the camera as if she was speaking straight to the American people. Biden would look directly at the mediator and I noticed the he made quite a few jabs at McCain while Palin did not say much about Obama. I was very respectful of her for that as well! I was so worn out...I didn't work on anything else! I later crawled into bed and watched my TIVO'ed Private Practice episode! So dramatic... it will be an interesting season! Plus...Addison (Kate Walsh) is SO stinking pretty! I want to look like her!!

Yes...I have decided to pick out some new items for another "I WANT" Friday! I hope that you are able to find some fun things that you want too! Or maybe you can help me find what I want too!!

First off...this is a dress from a new store that I have found online called Shabby Apple! They have a super cute collection of dresses and they aren't TOO expensive! I think this would be a great and versatile one to wear to work or to throw on with some flip flops! It's called 90 Words Per Minute and it is $64. How cute would that be with some bangle bracelets?! I love the color too!! Check it out!

I am having a really hard time finding some fun stockings that I like for Christmas! This is our first year in our house and our first married Christmas too! I like things to be a little bit different and have my own personal flair! But not TOO outrageous though! I want some that I can monogram...I love personalization! I found these on the Pottery Barn website...I still have some gift cards left over from the wedding and I thought that I might use them on these stockings. I thought I might do one in Red and one in Green and then do the opposite color for the monogram. They are on the website for $24! Tell me what you think! OR... if you know of anyone with some good, fun stockings...PLEASE let me know!

So...I LOVE to look at the Ballard Designs catalog...they have so many GREAT decorating ideas and pieces! Since there are so many things in the catalog that I love, I decided to just open it up and pick out an item from the page that I open to! I opened up to these! I would LOVE to get my hands on these and place them on our mantle! I think they would look SO great! They are kind of pricey though! Know anywhere else I might be able to find some like these for cheaper??

I kind of have a thing for shoes..if you haven't noticed. I think that is because clothes are sometimes hard to find to fit right... I am short and pants are always WAY too long...shirts may night fit right or look good on... but one thing I know, makeup, and jewelry ALWAYS fit! I have kind of had my eye on these shoes for a while now...I was kind of "iffy" about them at first and I think I really do like them! They would be super cute with a black shirt and long jeans or with a black dress! I like shoes that are a little bit different and that spice an outfit up... for I am wearing jeans, a plain dark green shirt, and my leopard shoes! Anyways... these are the Jessica Simpson line - Josette Shoe - they have them at Dillard's for $79. Enjoy!

Well...that is all that I can think of at the moment... but I may be adding more later in the day! I must get back to least for a little while! I am so glad that it's friday! My agenda for the weekend is this:

-Work the gift show tonight

-Work the gift show all day tomorrow

-Play with the puppies

-Maybe work on my furniture rehabs

-Clean the house!

-Catch up on Gossip Girl and Pushing Daisies!

Enjoy your weekend and rest a little bit! I think we all need it!



Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where Is The Weekend???

Just a quick note to say that I am SUPER excited about the PALIN / BIDEN debate tonight! I am really hoping that she completely blows them away tonight and clears herself of all of the ridicule that she has recieved lately! I think that she is an amazing woman and will make a GREAT Vice President!

My schedule for the night is this:

- Leave work ASAP

- Meet up with Lindsey for a few minutes

- Maybe make a SUPER quick stop by Hobby Lobby since I won't have a chance to this weekend!

- Make a mad dash to clean up the house before a friend of ours comes to stay the night.

- Grab or make a quick dinner.

- Settle down in the bedroom with the pups to watch the debate! And then watch my recorded episodes of Gossip Girl, Private Practice, and Pushing Daisies! (I promise that I am not a rude hostess! It's one of Casey's best friends that is just coming in for the night before they go hunting... I assumed that I would give them some extra boy bonding time!) I might even make a cool frame or two with some frames, modpodge, and tissue paper that I found the other day! That would be a good sit and watch tv sort of project!

- I need to also be thinking of my "I WANT" items for tomorrow!! :)

Have a happy debate night and don't forget - - IT'S ALMOST THE WEEKEND!!!!



Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I am soooooo sorry that I have been so negligent to my blog this week! It has been crazy at work and I have just been too worn out at night to get on the computer! Trust me....if you saw how dirty my house is right now... you would understand! I had to promise Casey that I would clean from top to bottom on Sunday!

Well....I didn't end up putting together my window treatments this weekend...we ended up going to our parents houses this weekend to visit and see Casey's MeMe in the hospital. Don't worry...we hauled the puppies with us and they had a great time! This was Miley Mae's first real trip away from home...she loved it...I could tell! She had been VERy bad on a leash up until this that was an exciting accomplishment! She really had never been on one before and HATED to be pulled by soon as you tried to pull her, she would put her head down and then lay down!!! But now she will follow so much better!

Skeeter Boo made himself a little nest in the backseat of the truck... How cute is that face?!

Miley is starting to look a little more grown up! The flash made her look kind of gray-nosed though! She met our parents for the first time this weekend and all my dad could say is..."That is going to be a BIG dog..." I don't know if you know this...but...she is a Great Dane and her mom weighted 140 lbs....and her dad weighed 170 lbs!! Good thing she is the runt..I guess??

My kids sure do love to cuddle in the back seat... but I think at this point..Miley was squishing Skeeter!

These are the things that we ended up coming HOME with after this weekend......

I found a chair on our way out of town at Goodwill for $10!! I wanted one to refurbish and recover...and here is my first one! I almost had to fight a lady for it...She stood right behind me while I looked at it...just so she could snatch it up when I walked decided to grab it and just carry it around the store with me!! And you know what..I didn't feel bad about it.... :)

Another piece to re-paint and re-cover! I found this in my parent's mom had it in the house at one time and then just got tired of it! I love the claw feet a the base! I think it will look so cute all finished up! I will just have to find the perfect place in the house for it!

I also brought back one of these end tables...I already had the other one that matches it and kept forgetting to grab the second when at home. The other served as an end table in my old apartment. My parents used these in their media room for a while...and then went with different I got them! I would really love to repaint these too! I would love to do something in a darker turquoise color and find a place in the house for it...but I don't know if that bold color will fit anywhere! I know...this is a good table and probably shouldn't be painted... but I HATE having all kinds of different wood stains in the house... is that odd?

I don't know if you can see these signs very well b/c they were proped up against the wall when I took this picture! I LOVE these types of signs! A good friend of my husband's family has a jewelry company and she also sells homegoods within her store. Anyways...her store flooded a couple of weeks ago and these were among the damaged goods that he passed on to my mother-in-law. She just really couldn't sell the in the store...but can't see any damage to them! My mother-in-law had about eight of we got to pick a couple out for the house! Now I have to figure out where to put them! YAY! I love them!

Now onto our final "Bring Home" of the weekend....

Yes....I am the VERY special wife of an AVID we officially purchased a duck hunting boat this weekend...and NOW we apparently have reason to clean out our garage! I mean...I don't even get to park in our garage...why should this thing?!?! Well...I guess our neighbors will appreciate it! Just FYI....Casey LOVES his truck...and this weekend he informed me that he thinks he might like this boat more than his truck. GEEZ! He also informed me that we can go to the laek in this and hang out........HAHAHA!

I am trying to inform him that a Wii would be so much more fun than a duck hunting boat!!! Wii Fit anyone?!
Glad I could update you on my weekend! I am working the rest of the week (after work) for a friend's booth at a gift show here in town! I cannot wait to see all of the booths there... I know there will be tons of fun things to purchase! OH NO! :)