Monday, August 23, 2010

Pure Craziness....

To be quite honest, I haven't been blogging at all because this summer has gotten completely and utterly OUT OF CONTROL! We have had so many unexpected things happening that I have hardly had any time to even sleep!

Here is the low down on our summer of craziness :

  • Sold our house and moved back to our hometown
  • Spent a while getting the new house together
  • Casey started his new job
  • I decided NOT to go back to teaching for this year and took a new job in advertising sales for a magazine it!
  • Casey's sister and her family moved back to Tyler
  • We found out that Casey's dad was diagnosed with cancer and has since has surgery and started chemo
  • Casey's sister had her second baby...Knox Christian...he is soooo cute!
  • We have bought a puppy and a miniature potbelly pig over the course of the summer
As you can tell....we have been literally going non-stop all summer long and have not had a chance to breathe whatsoever! I thought it would be a lot more laid back since we moved back to our hometown....but it has not been in the least! It's been great so far and we love being back to something that is familiar. We feel very at home here and cannot wait to see what happens next! Keep us in your prayers with this new job transition and all....we def. need them!




Anonymous said... many changes. So sorry to hear about your Father-in-Law! I used to have a pet pot belly pig! How funny! Good Luck with the new jobs!

Lindsay said...

Yikes that definitely sounds like a busy summer! I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law - cancer is never a good thing. :(

I can't wait to read more updates soon, glad to have you back!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

oh my goodness! sooo crazy! glad you are back though!