Friday, February 6, 2009


Becky found some boots that she liked! YAY! Mission...accomplished!
Her next question was.... "What kind of SKIRTS do I wear with my slouchy boots?!" Becky, Becky, Becky..... :)

Okay...well...let me just say this...I am not much of a SKIRT person these days for some reason... but I think the boots are SUPER cute with some cute casual dresses! I LOVE dresses! Here are some ideas for looks that would go with them!

This dress is from Francesca's and it's called the Sunshiny Day dress! Only $44!! Super cute for Spring/Summer! You could even throw a cute cardigan over it and wear your boots! YES!

Okay...this one is a STEAL! It is at Francesca's also...and it's on sale for $5!!! They have it in a really pretty blue color too! But...CANARY is IN for Spring! This is called the Artisan dress. Get you one! And if you are having a one of those "i feel fat" days...this is a good looking slouchy dress to hide that! :)

This one is from Francesa's again and it called the Forever Young dress! It's only $38. How cute would this one be with some longer gold necklaces and the brown slouchy boots?! Love it!

Okay...this one is just a random picture that I found online to show some other looks with the slouchy boots! You can pull these off so easily!

Hope that I helped you out in some way!!! Enjoy!!! Keep feeding me some ideas for other blogs! Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend! I am not quite sure what I will do....maybe a movie with Lindsey...or a pedicure...Miley gets a puppy spa day....I am sure I will have to clean too! :)




Riley Jane said...

Fabulous!! I had to order the boots at Nordstrom yesterday because they were sold out at three different Dillard's and two Nordstroms!!! Must have been because of your post yesterday :) What were you doing up at 6:49am this morning blogging?

Blissfully Enamored said...

i think the clock is wrong on here! i was blogging when i got to work at like 8:30!! Odd...

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Oh gosh, that yellow dress is so cute! $5?? Can't beat that!!