Thursday, February 5, 2009

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'....

Today is all about BOOTS!
My good friend Becky called me last night and told me that she wanted me to be her "personal shopper" and help her find some new boots! She really wants to find some cute and casual brown boots. She didn't know if she wanted leather or I am sticking to variety! She needs something that she can wear over jeans or even throw on with a cute skirt. She's a teacher, so it has to be kind of versatile! But she also wanted them to be flats and wanted to spend around $100...because she just got some birthday money from her hubby's parents! Being after Christmas and all...I was betting that the cute boots would be marked down a bit! I got excited about my little mission! Therefore, today's post is all dedicated to Becky and anyone else who loves boots!

I love these Steve Madden Bonanza Boots! I DID own a pair of them...but got home one day and Skeeter had chewed them up! I only wore them twice but they were super comfy and easy to wear! You can find them on the Steve Madden website, Dillards, or Nordstrom....they are about $79 bucks!! Cute, Casual, Suede, Slouchy....yes, yes, yes, yes!
Okay, these next boots are Steven by Steven Madden and are called the Bizmarc boot! I found them online at Nordstom and Steve Madden. They are leather and slouchy, if you like that look! A LITTLE more than we wanted to spend...but $139 is not bad! I like the buckle too!
I love love love these boots! I tried them on at Dillards back in November and wanted them! The big buckle is so super cute! They were comfy....but I have skinny they didn't fit my calves as well as I would have liked! They would probably be good over skinny jeans though! They are Jessica Simpson brand...which I love...and they are called the Brunella boot. They are at Dillards on sale for $115 right now!
Aldo has all of their boots on sale right now! I found these Sammie boots on their website for only $90! Again....buckles! I love them! This is the cognac color...but the camel color is super cute too! I always forget about this store! They usually have some fun shoes and good sales!

Another Aldo boot is the Popoca! Sorry...the Aldo images come up pretty small...but you can go to the website to see them better! These look alot like a riding boot...and I love the little D rings at the top! $100 baby!!
Yes...these DO have heels. cute are they?!?! I think you could still be casual and dress these up too! They are Chinese Laundry brand and they are known as the Kicky boot! Ont he Chinese Laundry website, they were about $80! Not too bad! These would be super cute over jeans or with a cute skirt! I bet you could even make them cute over tights!!

Well...this is all I have found so far! If any of you have suggestions...PLEASE let me know! I have been to all of the websites that I can think of...I would appreciate help in any that I have not thought of! I hope you have enjoyed! Let me know what you think!!! Good luck shopping!

Also, let me know if you are having trouble finding a specific somthing...i love going on searches for the perfect boot or jeans or whatever! Let me know! I need blog ideas!!! :)




Becky said...

Love them!!! I think the suede Steve Maddens are JUST what I was wanting!!! And just the right price! You are amazing and I love this blog. I will be receiving regular feeds 4SURE!!!!

Whitney said...

Hello maam....i just want you to be my personal shopper for EVERYTHING!!! I miss you tons! Hope married life is rocking your face off as much as white girl rap nights did!!!

Megan said...

I LOVE the Chinese Laundry boots.

Morgan said...

Ooooh, I LOVE that last pair!

I have always wanted to get some flat boots, but I have short legs and I think the lack of height would just add to the stumpiness. haha.