Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Sorry for the long pause in writing! Things, of course, have been crazy in my life again!

Here are some updates on me and my life:

  • I signed up to sub in three different school districts for the fall....i figure this will be the best way to get some experience and get to know some schools!
  • I had not told a certain private school "no" to their job offer yet...I really wanted the job but the money is NOT there....but I was still so torn about it. I may end up taking this 4th grade position. It's hard to think "I HAVE a job offer to be a teacher and I'm NOT going to take it?!!" Casey and I may just have to be on a REALLY tight budget for the next few months! (dang it....) I am waiting to get some answers back on some questions that I had for the school...but I should know something soon. Prayers needed!!!!
  • On a good note with that...Casey was approached by a friend yesterday that had a plan for him to make quite a bit of extra money on the side. That sounds really shady...but it's not! It may just be an answer to a prayer!
  • Cache puppy has been at Billy and Becky's for a couple of days....he is now muddy and stinky in his kennel after a LONG romp with his brother Cisco. I can smell him from where I sit....
  • The dogs also just drug some camping chairs from the patio into the yard and started to destroy them....yaaaaay.
  • If you are a teacher or not teaching anymore and have some school supplies/room decorations/etc that you don't need/want anymore....consider passing them on to me! I am taking ALL donations!!! I would love to be able to get my room all together without having to spend much money. But...of course...I want it to look REALLY cute!
  • Frames are selling great! Bring on some more orders ya'll!!
Don't forget about my fabulous giveaway!!

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~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...




Do you have a button? I would love to add your blog to my blog-

Tracy-Girl said...

I think you should consider taking the 4th grade job. Even if there isn't much money, it may look better on a resume or to another principal having actual 4th grade teaching experience rather than subbing! (this coming from a NON teacher... just sharing what I thought when I read it!) :)

Kristen Sara said...

Prayers about your job..... good luck!

Brittany and Charlie said...

Teaching in a private school can mean less money but can be extremely rewarding and has its other side benefits. Also coming from a non teacher...just thoughts:) Good luck!

Anna said...

Good luck with the job search! Might not be awful to take the offer - better to have steady income than little to none! :)


P.S. Can't wait to see what other giveaways you have in store. I have a good one coming Monday - be sure to check it out!

♥Aubrey said...

I pray that you find the answers you need about the teaching position. It doesn't sound soo bad...maybe you should take it. It's the experience and knowledge you gain from it, not the money. But then is needed to pay the bills :) You're in my prayers girly ♥

Anonymous said...

sending prayers your way....just follow your heart.

Jessica said...

Hey there!

Just stumbled upon your blog, and I LOVE IT!

I know the post was awhile ago, but did you ever sell your Juicy bag? I have quite a Juicy obsession, and the bowler bags are my favorite shape.

Talk to you soon!

Lily G. said...

Good luck with your job! At least you're able to sub!