Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back with a Giveaway!!!

See...I knew that you wouldn't be so mad at me for not writing all week if I came back with something special for you to win!

Just a little update on me and my life....

-This past week was the first week of school!! I have 15 DARLING fourth graders and it was a great week!
-On Thursday morning, I found out that my great grandfather passed away. This was sad for our family but....he lived a loooong 92 years and we knew that this day would come soon. you know...things like this are always hard. He was a wonderful man, teacher, and christian and will definitely be missed!
-My parents are coming to see us today! I am so excited! We go home so often that there is never really a need for them to come see us! So's their turn! And my little brother has his FIRST college soccer game in Fort Worth this we are all going to watch him play!
- It has been an exhausting week!!!!

Now...onto the giveaway!!!

I found this SUPER cute Etsy shop owned by Jayme Fort. She makes beautiful custom stationery for all occasions...and she makes it all by hand! Her designs are so clean, crisp, and cute! You cannot help but love them all! She has so many amazing ones to pick from!

Here are some of my faves :


A Vintage Bouquet Stationery


Candyce Stationery

RACHEL : (i LOVE this one!)

Rachel Stationery


Nicole Stationery


Andrea Stationery

One extra special lucky winner will receive their pick of any design from the "Personal Stationery" section of Jayme Fort's Etsy shop! How cool is that?!! There are sooooo many pretty ones to pick from! And who doesn't love getting some snail mail?! I know I do!

Want to know how to win??? Here is what you will get one entry for each one you do :

1. Become a new follower of my blog (leave a comment and let me know!)
2. If you are already a follower....leave your name and email address!
2. Go to Jayme's shop and tell me your fave item or which one you might choose if you win!
3. Blog about my giveaway!!

The contest will end this FRIDAY, September 4 at 5 pm Texas time!!! Let everyone know!! I want to have tons of people to pick from for this giveaway!!!!




Ashley said...

I would love to win this giveaway! I am new to the blog world and just started following your blog about a week ago!! I love all of your style tips and hearing about your teaching experience. I am doing a post bachelor program to become a teacher right now! My favorite stationary is the Rachel stationary! Anyway, talk to you soon.


NanaK said...

I LOVE to send everyone cards! So, of course, I would be thrilled to win this give away! As a teacher I'm sure you know what a raised hand means..(not that)! My hand is raised and waving wildly so you will Pick Me! Pick Me! PICK ME!

Kristen Sara said...

Welcome back!! So glad you love your new students, and I hope you have fun with your parents and good luck to your brother at his first game!!
Giveway- of course I follow your darling blog! And I love the Sarah stationary! This would be so perfect for note writing!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back & sorry to hear about your great grandfather! I'm already a follower! Shanna and email is

Anonymous said...

I like the black & white affair stationary! Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Blogged about it!

Emily said...

Hi Hillary! These are beautiful, would love to win the "Nicole" cards for my sis-in-law Nicole! :)

P.S. I'm having an etsy store giveaway right now too! You should go enter!

Emily said...

And I'm a follower.

♥Aubrey said...

I'm so happy that you started school and met your students. That's a good number of kids for a classroom :)
WoW...a giveaway upon your return. How sweet are you ♥ Look they have one with my name already on must be fate!!! That's the one i'd choose. {Add an "E" in there of course to become Aubrey}

Kate8085 said...

Great giveaway!
Huge fan of snail mail here!!

I am already a follower.

I absolutely love her "Sarah" design..the yellow is so pretty!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I am obsessed with this stationary! I am a follower: Chic Coles (Melissa) and my email is

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

My favorite design for stationary is

Candyce Stationery

Thanks so much! I love all of her things!

Morgan said...

I'm a follower!

Morgan said...

Vintage Bouquet caught my eye right away - but you're right - so many amazing choices!

Lily G. said...

What a fabulous giveaway!! My email is

Anonymous said...

so sorry about your great grandpa!! Glad school is going good, maybe you could send some helpful advise to this 4th grade parent!! Great giveaway! Im a follower... Angela at

twinsouls888 said...

You have a very nice blog, I'm a new follower.

My email is

I love the Vintage Bouquet Stationery.

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower-enter me please,

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower :)

Anonymous said...

I love the "Hi" notecards, simple and adorable!

Happy to hear your school year is going well :)

Stafford Wife said...

The Rachel stationery is definitely my favorite. It is elegant and cute at the same time. : )

Stafford Wife said...

I am a new follower too.

CAC muffin said...

what beautiful cards! I love them all but I would have to say a little bird told me is the cutest card EVER!
I'm alreayd a follower!

Katiesperk said...

What a lovely etsy shop! I love the Andrea cards. A preppy dream!!

I am already a follower

Anonymous said...

all of this stationary is so beautiful! thanks for doing the give-a-way!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

How does a person choose??? I'm a follower, and my favorites in no particular order are...

A Vintage Bouquet
Sarah & Richard
The custom monogram with the umbrella

What a great giveaway!

Michele P. said...

I really like the Candyce Nicole if I were to win, and another item I loved was the Thank you, Bradley individual thank you card she has-I like to keep them on hand and that one is perfect for a family friend as he's been a big help to my mom this year...

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Laura said...

Great giveaway. I love these products - hope I win. My favorite is definitely the Andrea stationery! Too cute.

Laura said...

I'm also a follower!!!

Ashley said...

I would love to win! I already follow your blog.

Please stop by my blog and enter some fun giveaways. I've got a really great one that's ending today for a kid's outfit valued at $113! I really need to get some more entries for it, so I'd really appreciate your help! And you have a good chance of winning too!!! :)

prashant said...

I like the black & white affair stationary! Super cute!
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