Monday, September 28, 2009


I am SO sorry that this is WAY delayed!!! I kept forgetting all about it!!!

The winner of the stationery giveaway from Jayme Fort is MORGAN at Help You Help Me! Go check out her little blog! It's super cute! Congrats Morgan! I cannot wait to see which stationery you pick out!!

I will be in touch with Jayme and will pass on your contact info to her so that you can get started on your order! :)

I hope you all are having a great Monday! Mine has gotten off to a rough start...those fourth graders are CHATTY this morning! Good thing they had to scoot off to Art at 9! But, they will be back soon and hopefully some of their energy will be gone! My coffee wasn't so good this, i didn't drink's a long morning! :)

Our weekend was good....we went home to a wedding and to see our family. We have really been contemplating moving back to our hometown for the last year and thought we might try to this coming summer. We love our hometown and love that all of our family is there. But, I think this weekend made us realize that we are NOT ready to make that move yet! We love the town and it's a great place for kids to grow up....but some of the people...just kill me! A big part of the town is very pretentious...and you just don't even want to get stuck talking to some of the people there...they just wear you out! Casey and I are both just not ready to be immersed in all of that yet. We like our privacy that we have right now and love that we can go to the store and not see one person we know (it IS nice to see people you know every once in a while...but when you just want to go out looking like crap....not so nice!). We have decided that for's just a nice place to visit! I mean it IS only 2 hours away!

Well....back to teaching...I am going to try to make myself blog more this week!!!




Morgan said...

Oh my goodness!! How exciting! Thank you Thank you! What a wonderful way to start my Monday. xo

Cara Beth said...

you should move to Little Rock. :)

~KS said...

Hooray for Morgan! And so glad to hear a bit about what you've been up to!! Happy teaching those chatty little ones!

Lily G. said...

Congrats to her!