Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sterling Grace is doing an AMAZING giveaway for an iTAG necklace and t-shirt! iTAG is a really cool new line that Sterling Grace is offering, it stands for "I Talk About God". Each piece of jewelry in this collection is tied to a specific verse in the Bible....and they are so stinkin' cute too!!

Seashine Magazine is hosting this iTAG giveaway on their website...click here to check it out!

Seashine Magazine is a really cool online magazine for young Christian women! They offer a little bit of everything : DIY stuff, fitness, pet stuff, fashion, home decor, etc! You should definitely check them out and become their Facebook friend too! They have some awesome articles as well written by all different people. I promise you....you WILL find something for everyone on their website!

What are you doing still here?! Go enter the giveaway NOW!!!!

Happy Tuesday!



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Blondie said...

Great giveaway! Kori xoxo