Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sorority Life...

Today was bid day at Ouachita Baptist University....

I thought I would find a few pictures of me and some of my pledge sisters

to commemorate the day!

I vividly remember this morning 9 years ago, when I woke up and became an EEE! I'll never forget hearing the songs outside my window, waiting to put on my red sweater...and hoping to see that bid slide under my dorm room door! Becoming an EEE was a huge thing for me... I learned a lot from those girls and made so many of my best friends through it all! Congrats to PC2012, whoever you stunning ladies are! Put your BIG red bows on and always remember that BLOOD MAKES THE GRASS GROW!!!

Love and miss you all!!!




xoxo-Kristen said...

i have been looking for your blog forever! you made a frame for me a few years ago and i needed another one :))

Unknown said...

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