Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Who doesn't love frames?! I know that I do! I guess that is why I make so many! Ha! I just wanted to throw out a quick little shameless plug since Christmas is coming up and all!

I am planning on buying a brand new fancy schmancy camera as my own personal Christmas present...but, of course...I need money to do that! I am raising money for my camera by selling more and more of my frames! I would love for you to order some as Christmas presents! They also make great baby gifts, birthday gifts, and house warming presents!

The great thing about these is that you can get them personalized however you like! Whatever color you want...whatever names/words that you want...etc! Each one is completely different and personal! They are only $25 each and that includes shipping in the United States!

Send me an email and we will come up with something for you!

Here are some samples of ones that I have made in the past (some of these are still available if you want one of them! but like i said...i can make a brand new one for you too!!) :


High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

Wow! I love the brown and turquoise ones with the feathers! Very fab! I may have to order one!

Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

You are super talented, these are beautiful!! I cant decide which one I like the best, I think the polka dots are my fave:)

~KS said...

You are amazing lady!! So talented!

Kristen said...

your frames are precious :)

Risley and Dylan said...

I love your frames!! Super cute!