Thursday, December 31, 2009

2000- what?! TEN! ...and frames!

Here are a few more new frames that I have been working on!
Hope you love them as much as I do!!!

Email me if you would like some info on them!!

Casey and I are NOT much of the New Year's Eve party-ers. We would much rather hang out with good friends that run out and spend tons of money on dinner and drinks! I am super excited about spending my New Year's Eve with our best friends Billy and Becky! We are planning on cooking a big meal....possibly watching a movie...drinking some champagne... and HOPEFULLY staying up until midnight!!!!! :) I am going to try to get everyone to at least!!

Here is what I am planning for dinner :

  • Mexican Corn Dip & Chips (appetizer)
  • Grilled Duck (this is Casey's specialty!)
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Hashbrown Casserole
  • Green Bean Bundles
  • Homemade (and really cheesy) Mac and Cheese
  • Garlic Cheese Rolls

I hope that you have a VERY happy new year!!!!! What are you planning on doing differently THIS year as opposed to LAST year?



Bec said...

Well I'd have to say that your house sounds a lot more fun than the Pizza place in Baird. The menu sounds awesome!!! All my favorites. Can't wait to eat. I may be bringing an extra date who def. won't make it til midnight. He probably won't make it past 7. IV will be joining us if that's ok.

Bec said...

Oh Yeah, DUH! I LOVE the pink and 'Betsey Johnson-ish' leopard print. Adorable!!!

Ashley Pizarro said...

oh my gosh. The pink one is beautiful! I love that one! I also love the white classy one. You are so talented.

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

We're staying at home too. We are still visiting my parents so my sister and brother-n-law came over. We have a massive amount of food and I too am going to try and convince them to all stay awake. We'll see! :) Your frames are darling!! How much are they? I hope you and Casey have a wonderful 2010. May it bring you such wonderful things.

~KS said...

Happy New Year!!

When you have a minute... would you be willing to send me your recipe for your really cheesy homemade Mac?? Sounds so yummy!!!!

The Hardwick's said...

Love the new frames! Especially the pink one! Would you be willing to share the recipe for your Mexican Corn Dip?

♥ H ♥ said...

Your frames are FAB!! I can't wait til mine is all done :) I will be getting a check out to you this week :)