Monday, October 12, 2009


I as sitting here taking a break from getting ready and was thinking about my agenda for the day..... I needed to type it out so that I remember why not type it out on my blog?! :)

By the way...I don't have work today because of Columbus Day....ummmmm thank you for being a teacher!!!!! :) I love the random holidays!

Here goes :

1. Finish getting ready and figure out what to wear! Texas is cold today!!!
2. Run dry cleaning to the cleaners...
3. Drop of THREE rolls of film from Blair's FIRST birthday party this weekend!!! (yes....i use a 35mm film camera....i love the way the pictures turn out! Don't hate!!!!)
4. Meet up in Southlake with my two most favorite people ever - Riley and Becky (Becky should be going into labor ANY day this is kind of our last outing for a while! We are really excited!!)
5. Take Becky baby shopping and let her pick out something fun!
6. Hug Riley a lot! She is my fave kiddo!
7. Pick up said pictures....
9. Clean the house
10. Cook dinner!!!

It will be a busy and fun day! I will probably have lots of pictures for you when I come back! :) Get ready!!

Also...I have more fun giveaways coming to you this week!!! Be on the lookout!!!




Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Sounds like tons of fun. The weather has warmed up a tad but still def cool!

~KS said...

Hooray for days off!!! Wish we didn't have school :)

Annie said...

lucky you for getting a day off :)
you have a busy day planned girly!
hope it's a great one!

jeannie said...

Yay for Columbus Day and no work!! I love being able to run errands on my days off.

Anonymous said...

Yay for getting the day off! I sooo need to start doing this, so y'all can hold me accountable! haha

Hope your having a great day off!! = )

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

With all you have on your list you need the day off! I hope teh task accomplishing is going well, and that you are enjoying yourself at least a little on your day off!

Becky McCord said...

I think I had the most fun today! I can't wait to wear my new sling! Thanks for spending your day off with us!!