Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I need a huge favor!! Please?! Pretty Please?! I'll be your best friend.... (haha...remember that line from elementary school?!)

My school and my fourth grade class are collecting Box Tops For Education! They have made it into a big competition for the classes at our school to see who can collect the most! My class won for August and we are REALLY wanting to win for October as well! We were just a TINY bit short for September and lost for that month! (dang!) Plus...these Box Tops earn money for my little 'ol school!

So this is where YOU come in!

Go look in your pantry RIGHT now!! I'll wait a second......

Find all of the stuff that you have that has the Box Tops For Education (www.btfe.com) label on it....then cut the label out! Now...your next step will be to send them to me!!!! I need as many as I can possibly get!

We are also collecting the Campbell's labels too! Who doesn't have tons of Campbell's soup in their pantry?! I know I do!

I would really love your help with this! To top it all off...you will get a nice shiny thank you note from my kiddos!!! Won't that be so nice!? :)

If you want to help me out with this...please email me! We can trade addresses so that you can send them on!!

Thank you SO much! I hope that you will be a part of helping out my class and school!




Anonymous said...

I would love to help!! Macy's school does not do this so I would be happy to help out other kiddo's! email me at angelasblog@hotmail.com.

Good luck!!

~KS said...

My mom is a retired teacher, and I always use to send these to school with her... I have a few lying aroud now and I would love to send them to you! I think you have my email address, so just let me know where you'd like me to send them!!

Mrs. Wife said...

I would love to help! email me at ashleybrown@smu.edu.

Becky said...

My cousin Amy is a boxtop expert! I sent her an email and am waiting for a response. She raised tons of money for her kids' school with boxtops last yesr.

Jenn said...

I would LOVE to help! I've been collecting Box Tops to take up to the school I sub at (not sure if they even collect them) so I would LOVE to send them to you!
Shoot me an email and I'll get those in the mail
I will ask some of my friends for some as well to help out!

Cara Beth said...

Sadly I don't think I eat ANYTHING with a box top coupon on it. Most of my stuff is gluten free and weird organic brands. I'll keep my eyes peeled for them though just in case! Good luck!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

When I get home I will def check for you!

In this wonderful life... said...

I will look in my pantry when I get home!