Friday, June 26, 2009

GOSH! I am bad!

I am so sorry that I have been so consumed with life lately and have not had a chance to blog! I know that you all were SO concerned about me! Ha! 

Here is a little update on me:

  • Still painting frames and still getting orders in! I have two stores in the area that are about to place some orders for about 6+ frames each! (let me know if you need one!)
  • Well...we were planning on moving back to our hometown in January and we finally decided last week that we are just going to wait another year or two. It's hard to make this decision....but at the same time...I am so relieved that we finally have a stable decision and we can move forward with our lives! 
  • With that being said....I have been working on my teaching certification since February. In order to get my complete certification, I have to teach for a year. But...if we were going to move...I would have moved in the middle of the school year. So, I was going to wait until August 2010 to begin teaching. Now that we have decided to stay here...I have been BUSTING my butt to get my resume out there for any 4-8 grade teaching positions in our area! If anyone has any suggestions to help me out...I would appreciate it!! A lot of school districts in our area are actually on hiring freezes right now and wont know anything until at least that is a little frustrating!! Say prayers!
  • This morning...I was approached by a friend's mom that I have known forever. She used to own a store in my hometown but has since closed the storefront and just travels and sets up her booth at big gift shows. I usually help her out  when she is working shows in the area and it is my FAVORITE thing to do! Anyways....she called me this morning to talk about some upcoming shows and also threw out the idea that she is thinking about selling her business and wants ME to buy it! Let's be honest...I would be THRILLED to take on her business (she has SUCH cute clothes, jewelry, purses, etc!) but I know that it is way too much money for us to put out there right now. Say prayers that maybe God will open up some sort of door for me! It has been my PASSION to own a store for a long maybe this is my start! 
  • Weddings have begun....we have one this weekend and then my best friend's wedding is the next weekend! 
As you can many things are going on in my life right now and I hope you understand when I haven't been around much! :) I will try to come back and keep you updated more and more! :)



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Brent and Cara Beth said...

You should buy it! Oh, how I would LOVE to own my own business!