Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am in need of some major help! (by the way...I know I have been slacking on adding more to my "sale" list....it's coming!!!) Okay, so, my best friend's wedding is in exactly ONE month and I have GOT to find some shoes to wear with my bridesmaids dress! Our dresses are white and blue and she wanted us to wear SILVER shoes! I want to find some really cute ones but don't want to spend over like $75....just because i don't ever really wear silver shoes and don't know if i will wear them again. Plus, I want to be realistic about the price....I could tell you that I only want to spend $30....but I doubt I will find any I like! I want some to be a little taller in the heel...because I am short AND heels make your legs look better! :)  

HELP HELP HELP! I have been looking online everywhere and need some ideas of places to look or places that you might have seen some cute ones! Let me know!!! :)




Tres Chic Texas said...

PAYLESS!! ha ha haaaa! No seriously. Payless.

d.a.r. said...

I had to hunt down "Strappy silver heels, but no taller than two inches" for my best friend's wedding this weekend. I went to Payless and spent $24 on a cute pair that I will likely never wear again.

But, even if I had spent $100, I would likely never wear silver strappy heels again. Let's be honest.

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Have you tried Zappos?

Brent and Cara Beth said...

Hey, we are pretty excited about fostering too!

Buie bought the big leather chair at Ethan Allen about four years ago! We LOVE it! It's pretty scratched up from the animals but it gives it that "worn" look. :)

Christine said...

zappos.com never lets me down! Good luck!

miky said...

hahah love that shoe!!! cinderella for one day!