Friday, June 26, 2009


I try not to do TOO much shopping... but I love to just browse online and see what is out there!I try to find things that are super cute but budget friendly! Here are some things that I have found lately that I love! I hope that I can provide something that you might have been looking for! Enjoy and don't drool too much! 

I found this dress at Forever21 and loved it! It was one of those that I had to look at a couple of times before I really saw it's full potential! It's called the Ruffled Woven Wrap Dress and it's only $27.80! I actually bought this one for myself....I am planning on wearing it with some SUPER cute brown wedges and a SUPER cute feather headband (below) to my best friend's rehearsal dinner next weekend.....LOVE! 
This headband is also from Forever21! It's called the Feather Petals Headband and is ONLY $3.80! Let's be honest...if you only wear it once...your headband has basically paid for itself! I am one of those people who likes to wear classic pieces but add my own little flair to things...I think this will add the perfect amount of "Hilary Flair"! 

How cute is this?!! It's an old fashioned recipe tin from Fred Flare! I LOVE new recipes and recipe cards and I would use this SO much! It's only $18.95 and comes with 50 recipes AND recipe cards! This would be a great gift too! How can you pass this up!?

Another Fred Flare find....I LOVE Breakfast at Tiffany's and I was even thinking about being Holly Golightly for Halloween this year! This would be perfect for my costume! I am sure that I could make this myself...but this one is only $14! 

Okay....this is a super cute one that I stumbled's from ModCloth. It's called the Grass Is Greener Dress! This awesome dress is only $49.99! Can't you just imagine throwing this on with some brown sandals and a little clutch for a party?! Love it! 
Love this for a "throw on" dress with cute flip flops! It's the Poplin Ruffle Neck Dress from Old Navy and it's only $29.50! They have it in three different colors....but this blue was my favorite! Oooooh and with cute hoop earrings....yes!!!
Okay....I know that the kind of "tie-dyed" look is coming back. It has taken me a little while to get used to it...but I am starting to like it! I like this dress because it isn't SCREAMING "tie-dyed" to me! This one is from Old Navy also and is called the Ombre Jersey Maxi Dress and is only $25!!!!! Get it! 
A friend of mine had these on last night and I LOVED them! They are from Dillard's and the Gianni Bini line. The name of them is Glisten and they are $59. They are so super cute on!!!
I hope the you enjoyed and that you found something that inspired you to go shopping! Let me know any specific things you are looking for! I would love to help out! 

I hope that you all have an amazing weekend! Ours will be filled with friends, a concert, a wedding, and more! 




d.a.r. said...

That blue ON dress is adorable!!

Kora Bruce said...

Hilary! I was going comment on how classic the blue Forver 21 dress is, but I kept scrolling down and I'm in love with every single one of your finds. Especially the dress from ModCloth - one of my favorite stores.

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

I'm in absolute love with that headband. I basically need it.

Onada Photography said...

that dress is SO pretty!