Monday, June 8, 2009

More Frames For Sale!

Black and white damask with pink bow and white stone. 

Canary yellow with navy bow and fleur de lis.

Navy and light pink with pink bow and green bird charm.

Turquoise with gold fleur de lis, gold bow, and turquoise stone. 

Green and brown print with green bow and gray stone. 

These pictures aren't awesome....but I was trying to get them up here quickly tonight! 

If you are interested in any of these frames, let me know and I can get you prices! Leave me a message with any questions or suggestions that you have! 

Enjoy...I am sure there will be many more to come! 




d.a.r. said...

Those are adorable!

Joy said...

Your frames are FANTASTIC!!!!
I'm sure they'll sell out soon. I wish you the very best of success!

Brent and Cara Beth said...

So cute! I will definitely buy one!

Brent and Cara Beth said...

I was just thinking that the gold one with the Fleur and the navy bow sort of looks LSU-ish. You should make sports frames like razorback, LSU, texas, etc. I bet those would sell well. Just a thought!

lukeandlaurawoodard said...

OK! I soooo want one of these for Drake's room. His room is blue, green, brown and white. (Look on my Facebook album) You have all the freedom....I know you'll make it cute! Let me know your address so I can send you a check!! I'm excited!!! :-)