Thursday, May 28, 2009

CLOTHING SALE!!!!! (sneak peak)

S0000000000.... here is the deal....I am planning on buying a brand new digital slr camera...and CLEARLY i am not just going to run out at charge $800 on the 'ol debit card! I thought I would clean out my closet a bit and see if any of you out there might have an interest in any of my little treasures! This way...I can earn a little bit of extra moolah to put towards the new cam AND you can have fun new little things! 

I am also going to be placing this stuff on let me know quickly if there is anything you want or need more info on!!! I am free to answer any questions you have! Enjoy browsing my little blog store!! I hope hope HOPE that you find something that you like....for my photography passion's sake.... :)

Anything you like and you don't like the price...let me know what you WOULD pay to have it...I will always consider other prices!!

1. Little Red Dress - $20

I bought this dress about 3 years ago and only wore it once! It's super cute on! Strapless, ties at the waist, RED, pleated at the top of the skirt part. SMALL and 100% cotton.  Think about it with some cute heels, pearls, and your hair up! 
this was me, trying to take pics of the pleats....sorry it came out fuzzy!

2. Green Spring Dress - $40

This was a pretty expensive dress that I bought at a little boutique in my hometown for about $200. It has such a nice thickness to the material that I love! I didn't wear it too much...maybe about 5 times...but, i love it! It has such a cute and fun fabric! Green, White, Black, Yellow, and Lime Green floral pattern. The ribbon on it is what made me love it! It's a little tattered (this is how it came) and once piece is green while the other piece is green and white striped! The brand name is RUTH and it is a size ZERO. 

3. Authentic Juicy Couture Bowler Bag - $75 

I love that I have this and thank you mom for buying it for me....but I have to part! I just don't carry it as much as I should...let's be honest...I have way too many purses as it is! This purse was originally about $250. It's is a darker purple color velour with light pink leather. I will let the pictures speak for themselves....

CUTE, huh? 

4. Authentic Custo Barcelona Shirt #1  - white

Let me give you a little run-down about Custo case you have never owned any of these! Custo is known for always using funky and random patterns that make for fun clothing!A lot of these shirts have different fronts and backs!  My mom and I own a ton of these shirts just because we love how different they are! Don't worry...I would only let myself part with three! These shirts usually retail for about $75 - $150 and these patterns that I have for sale are no longer available! These are all sized for XS/S.  So cute.....

5. Authentic Custo Barcelona Shirt - red

this is the front...

6. Authentic Custo Barcelona Shirt - black

I will be back to add more later on...I need to cook dinner!! Happy shopping and keep looking to see what else I am selling!!!!




Sarah said...

would that red dress be too short on me (5'5)? I LOVE it!!


Jessica Morris said...

cute clothes! :)

Good luck with earning money towards your new camera!!

I did that back in the fall (only selling on CL tho) and made about $300 in a couple of days!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Good luck selling all your adorable stuff! :)

♥Aubrey said...

What i brilliant idea! I like to change out my closet every so often too. And what better idea than to take the money and get a new camera.

Teryn Ashley said...

What a great idea!! That little red dress is so cute!

Kristen said...

good luck making some extra cash...hey, I left you a little something my way.

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

Love love love the red dress!!!