Saturday, January 2, 2010

Facebook Fan Page?

As you can tell...I am trying to get my new frames out there as much as possible (I am so sorry for those of you who are sick and tired of hearing about them!!!!)! I just really want to get as many orders placed as I can and as much promoting out there as I can right now while I am not SUPER busy with teaching! I am sure you do...don't you?!

Well...I have posted blog updates.....opened up my Etsy shop....emailed a bunch of friends and family....and NOW I have even started a Facebook Fan Page! Please click on the link and become a fan! It will be worth it....promise!!

Also...for those of you who do a lot of online promoting and stuff...I would love any other ideas that you have for me to promote my frames! I am ALL ears!

I am making a big store run tomorrow to gather some supplies that I need for upcoming orders. Let me know if I can grab something for YOU! I would love to put together a custom frame for you or a loved one! They make AMAZING (if I do say so myself....) birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, baby gifts...etc!

Email me for more info!!!




Katie said...

hey sweets! I'd like one for the baby room...with her initial on it! Our colors are a light pottery barn green, tan, brown and a little bit of baby pink....her initial will be "E" (but shhhhh! We arent telling the name, haha)

Anyway...seriously...I'll buy it from you! I saw the prices and they look great on your etsy shop.


Megan said...

Heading over to become a fan on FB! :)

Young, Fabulous & Newlywed said...

Thanks for joining my blog - I'm a new follower to yours as well. Love your frames - they are super cute!

♥ H ♥ said...

I'm a fan!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan! haha

You started reading yet? haha
Hope your having a great night! xoxo

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I just found your blog at Short Southern Momma. I love those frames!! I need the 'J' like whoa!

Blondie said...

Hi Hilary! I love your blog and your beautiful frames! I left a message on your facebook page as well. I want you to create a K for me that looks the exact same as the one on your profile pic with the polka dots. I am so excited to put it in my classroom!

I found you through Julie at Brown Eyed Belle and have added you. If you get a chance, check out my blog:

Also, if you want to email me about the frame, it is Have a great night! kori xoxo

Brett and Jill said...

Hey are you still collecteing cambell soup labels? I have a collection going. It is not much, but I am happy to help.

E-mail me

Leesie said...

Your frames are super cute. I'm headed on over to go take a peak at them some more.

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I have something (actually two somethings) waiting for you at my place! Hope you're having a wonderful day, lady!

Willis Party of 6 said...

Hi! My name is Amber. My girlfriend is doing a 12 week giveaway, and if you wanted to put your stuff out there, you could donate one of your beauties to her giveaway. Check her out, she is soooo stinkin funny,

Happy New Year!

Kimberly said...

Going to check out your facebook page.