Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh my word....for me?!

I recieved this little beauty when I got to work this morning! Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much to my sweet friend Julie @ Brown Eyed Belle! You should mosey on over and become a follower of her blog!!! She is so stinkin' cute and sassy!!! Plus...she has a fun little giveaway going on right now (hear that Julie...I am promoting you!!!)! Go check her out!

The rules are pretty simple: Tell seven interesting facts about yourself and tag some blogs (seven or less) So, here we go!

1. I said that I would NEVER be a teacher (my family REALLY thought I would be perfect for it!) and here I am...after 3 years in the sales world.....teaching fourth grade!

2. My biggest passion and dream is to open my own store in a few, cute clothes, and accessories! I think about it ALL the time! You would buy from me....right?!

3. I HEART ANIMALS! I could live on land and basically open up a zoo and be content! :)

4. I went to a REALLY small college that had as many students as my high school (about 2,000).

5. My husband really is my best friend. People ask me how I knew he was "the one" and I always tell them "Because nobody has EVER made me laugh the way he does!"

6. When I get bored...I get crafty! I love making stuff and being creative! It really is a stress reliever for me too!

7. I HATE HATE HATE to clean! I mean I try to keep my house tidy....but it really erks me and puts me in a crappy mood to clean! I am a little messy...but I can tell you where anything is! :)

I will come back in a little while and nominate some winners!!!

Speaking fo WINNERS....look what I just won at Brown Eyed Belle's blog:

Precious little OMG notecards!
A cool and colorful spring-ish bangle from Forever 21 (loooove the print!)!
A cute and fun cosmetic bag...I cannot ever have too many of those!!
And a SUPER sassy luggage tag! Now...I just need somewhere to go!!! :)

Go visit her blog and become a WILL NOT be sorry!! She is so fun!!!

Don't forget to scroll down and enter my giveaway!!!!

Have a perfect night!!!




Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award. Just stopping by from Valerie's feature about you.

Valerie said...


Your feature is up on my blog!! :)

OH and I got my frame today!! LOVE it!! Thank you so so much!!!!

capperson said...

Congrats on the award and the win! I love the goodies :)

Anonymous said...

congrats girl! I am sooooo with ya on the last one. Cleaning and I don't see eye to eye. Hope your having a great night! XOXO

Jen said...

OMG! (approp :)) I love those note cards how cute!