Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stupid TV....

Hi....My name is Hilary...and I might just be addicted to TV! UGH! We literally come home every night from work...throw on comfy clothes...cook dinner and sit down in front of the TV! So unhealthy.....but so enjoyable! :) Oh well...

Here are some of the shows that are feeding my addiction:

SEEEEEEEE!! I told you that it's a little ridiculous!!!
What shows are YOU obsessed with?!?! Come clean people! I might need to add your obsessions to my list..... :)
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Katie said...

Oh. Hi. My name is Katie and we watch a lot of TV at night (most nights) too.

Some of our favorites are:

The Office
The Bachelor
Parks and Recreation.
American Idol.
Flash Forward.
Food Network. (Cake boss/ace of cakes/challenges, etc)

Things I watch:
Say Yes to the Dress (for real?!? been married 2.5 years..haha)
So you think you can Dance
The Hills/The City

SERIOUSLY..its sick...hahahaa

I can thank the DVR for this.

Oh, and as we speak last nights Biggest Loser is on the TV, ahaha.

Risley said...

oh gosh, such good tv on right now!
Modern Family
Real Housewives
Secrets of Aspen
Desp Housewives
Brothers and sisters
Giuliana and bill
just to name a few to add to yours!

Amber said...

WE LOVE THE OFFICE! And I'm addicted to Gossip Girl as well. :) Don't feel bad TV rocks!

Valerie said...

We do the same thing!!

Grey's Anatomy
American Idol
Gossip Girl
Keeping up with the Kardashians
Flash Forward
So You Think You Can Dance
The Hills/The City
Modern Family

~KS said...

I am also an addict... out of control!!! But I love it!!

Anonymous said...

The Bachelor is the only show I'm hooked on which is fortunate because with this being my last semester of school....I barely have time for it!

Kelsey Claire said...

I also watch way to many shows! My problem is I just keep adding shows to my ever increasing list! Here are a few of my favorites:
Brothers & Sisters
Private Practice
Modern Family
The Good Wife
Happy watching!

Jen said...

Oh no worries my list is much longer than yours! Love the bachelor, GG, idol, biggest loser, greys, private practice, office, glee, hills etc etc!

The Hardwick's said...

We watch way too much tv!
Kardashians, Desperate Housewives, The Hills, The City, Biggest Loser, American Idol, Criminal Minds, Numbers, and so many more!

for the love said...

Girl, we do the same thing! I had to join a running class just to get my rear off the couch two days a week. I hate to add to your list, but Big Bang Theory, Good Wife, Damages and Southland are all awesome! Happy tv watching. :)

Annie said...

ugh, i hvae a major addiction to tv as well!
i love....
keep up with the kardashians
real housewives of OC
biggest loser
millionaire matchmaker (so glad this just started up again!)
real world
american idol
jersey shores
desperate housewives
okay i'm going to stop at list is getting outta control, haha!!

Kristin said...

I can't wait to see what Mil Match is like now that she's engaged. My addictions are...The Office, Parks & Rec and It's Always Sunny in Philly. Oh and sadly...Jersey Shore and all RW/RR Challenges. Ah ha ha

Caro said...

I'm hooked on:

The Bachelor
Say yea to the dress
Cake boss