Monday, January 18, 2010


Don't laugh...but I am just now getting into actually executing my new year's resolution....better late than never...right?

I am trying to start running more and eating more healthy! (yes...i know.....who isn't?!)

Have you ever been to I used it a few years is a GREAT
website! It's completely free and lets you track your exercise and eating! It even lets you keep track of your water consumption each day! It's pretty user friendly! You should go try it out!

Here is my daily plan....I am telling you this so that I have it in writing you might keep me motivated!!

For the next two weeks :

Breakfast :
1 cup of Special K (strawberry or chocolate delight)
with with either skim milk or fat free vanilla yogurt
orange juice

OR fat free vanilla yogurt and fresh berries

(TRY to cut out the coffee)

Lunch :
1 cup of Special K
skim milk
an orange

Dinner :
Chicken (baked or grilled)
sauteed vegetables - zucchini, onion, broccoli, red potatoes

Any snacks:
apple sauce

and of course...LOTS of water!!!

I am trying to run/walk a mile each day. I am try to beat the time from the day before each time! To the end of my street and back is exactly 1 mile. When I get tired of that...I may run in another neighborhood and add some distance. I bought a resistance band tonight and did some strength stuff with that, crunches, jumped rope, etc! I am one of those people who really does not enjoy running....but I REALLY wish I could get into it....maybe this will do it!

I am one of those people that REALLY has to have some motivating music to get me are some of the songs that I love running to right now :

KE$HA - Tik Tok ( i want to break out in a dance everytime I hear this song!!)
Britney Spears - Freakshow
Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Jay Z and Rhianna - Run This Town
Ludacris - How Low
White Liar - Miranda Lambert
Soulja Boy - Swing
Jay Z - Empire State of Mind

I told you...I have to have some fun/fast motivating music!!!

What songs motivate you when you are working out?! I need some new ideas!!! :)

Also...what are YOU eating to stay fit and what are you doing to work out?! I love getting new fresh ideas! Hit me with 'em!!

Happy Running....



Jen said...

Oh good for you, girl! This was inspiring just reading this!

Ashley Fisher :) said...


I just joined the blogging world and found your adorable blog! Hope you are doing well!

I wanna know how the special K diet goes and if you are hungry on it :)

Hope you have a great week!


Becky McCord said...

Thanks for the workout playlist. Just what I was googling today. Now I want to download a version of you rapping each one. I started back at the gym today too. Ugh. Tomorrow is going to KILL.

Sarah & Jordan said...

Down With Webster "Rich Girl"...I always run too fast when this comes on because it really pumps me up! Also Rihanna's new song is really good!

~KS said...

Good for you Hil!!
I can't run... my knees are too shot. BUT, I too am trying to eat healthier (so far... not too bad) and drink more water. I got some awesome bracelets to help me with the water drinking and I have to say... they have been a HUGE help!!

Sara Lynn said...

Not sure how you feel about a workout dvd. but the biggest loser ones are REALLY good and easy to follow.

Risley said...

I will have to check out! I just cant seem to drink a ton of water, so I add crystal light to cold water and International coffee light mocha to hot water!!

Karah said...

You might want to try the couch to 5k program for running. You can google it. Thanks for the inspiration. I have got to get on track with my eating. I have been doing Jillians 30 day shred.

Annie said...

i use a website similar to that one called livestrong. love it!
i'm trying to eat better as well and eating very, very similar to you! ;)
i'm doing the shred, cardio max and running at the gym.
some workout song ideas, anything black eyed peas and fergie! i have quite a few more i run to just can't think of them this second.
best of luck to you with your goals!!

Becky McCord said...

FLO RIDA Right Round will be great for the squirreliptical.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but your playlist cracked me up... I can just see you running and jamming to your tunes... ha ha! I do love the Special K idea!

Hmmm... for my weight loss tips just check your fb, my tips are a bit pathetic at the moment. One good Wii program I have though is EA Active Fitness. Those lung jumps are killer.

jill said...

wish we were close enough to run together! i HATE it by myself and have to have somebody kick my butt off the couch to get going! sounds like a great plan.. good luck!

CanadianMama said...

I could follow your plan for sure; I LOVE cereal! Good luck!!!

Katie said...

Hi hun! Got the frame. It looks darling in the room. I can't wait to show the whole nursery reveal and see that little gem in there :)

mommywonderland said...

Wow...good for you! I hate running, but I need to!!! No coffee in the morning?? Ouch...Have a great weekend..and thanks for the workout song tips! Theyre going straight to my ipod!!

Lace said...

I use Spark People too :) & by "use" i mean... I get the emails. haha, no really, I used to be pretty good about visiting the website! Need to get back into the habit!