Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First but FOR SURE not Last!

Well... for starters...I'm an idiot.

I started a blog before Casey and I were married in May and I forgot the password. I couldn't remember which of my bajillion e-mail addresses that I had used for it or anything. So, in other words, I am starting from a clean slate!

I have been very inspired lately from reading alot of other blogs about decorating and shopping and that sort of thing. With having our very own house now, it definately hit home (no pun intended). I hope to make this blog a little more focused and really hit on things that I love the most...decorating, shopping, cooking, and maybe a few other random topics here and there! I am sure I will write about family, married life and our puppies some too! I hope to inspire others around me!

Please Please Please leave me comments and let me know what you think from time to time....I THRIVE off of that!!



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