Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tired Thursday!

Well...I am sad to say that the Pottery Barn table was SOLD once the guy FINALLY emailed me back. I was super sad! I kept showing the picture to Casey saying "Look how pretty it was! Isn't it pretty???" Sad times...I know it will be a while until I find another table I like as much as that one for around the same cost! So...if you find anything that you think I might like...please let me know!

On another note... I laughed really hard when I found this on the Walgreens website this morning as I was getting some pictures ordered! I think it would be really funny to do that with the puppies!! Maybe I can get Lindsey to do it with me next weekend!!! Gosh...we love our dogs too much! I have been researching and trying to find Halloween costumes for them...Skeeter has a hotdog costume...but it's kind of broken and everyone has seen it by now! Not that funny anymore! :) should take part in this Pet Photo Shoot if you have a pet! Part of the proceeds go towards great animal causes and it's only $5.99 to do this! Go save animals and get a pretty picture of your furry one while you are at it!! a little more today on SHOES! Sorry...I just love cheap shoes. Plus...clothes always find a way to fit me funny and shoes ALWAYS fit right! They are alot easier of a buy for me!

I found these shoes in an InStyle magazine a couple of weeks ago and LOVED them! You will
NEVER guess where they came from! PAYLESS!!! They are perfect for fall! I love the orange... it's not too bright and not too dark! I bought the orange ones online last week to try them out and I may end up coing back and getting the black ones too! The last time I looked, they were still doing their "BOGO" more for your money! I need a new pair of closed toe black shoes and I love the bow details. I am a big fan of bows on the shoes or just added details in general! They will be great to wear to weddings and parties with a cute little dress! Anyways...they are made by designer Lela search for her on YAY FOR CHEAP SHOE FINDS!

This particular item is something that I have really been wanting. I don't know what I would really do with it. But my MeMaw (my great grandmother) had one exactly like it in their old house. One of the last times that we were in her house (when I was in college), I came across it in the kitchen and told my mom (and I THINK my Grandma) that I really wanted that bowl if anything ever happened to MeMaw. I had looked at it and noticed the McCoy stamp on the bottom of it. Turns out that this bowl was made around the 1940's and they sell for around $40 at least if you can find them!

Well....a couple of months later, MeMaw and Grandpa Gordon were moved into a nursing home in Rockwall so that they are close to my Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma would go back and forth to check on the house and make sure that everything was okay and maybe bring a few things back....low and behold...what did I see up in her display shelves one day when I was in town?! My beautiful mixing bowl!! And I was so sad to find out that the bowl was actually all glued together because Grandma somehow dropped it! Gosh!

Point of the story is...I really want one of these mixing bowls! But..I just cannot bring myself to go and buy one for $40+! AND...I know Casey would kill me if he knew I ever spent that much on a bowl! I love the aqua color of the bowl! I even wish that I could get a couple in all different colors! They have a pretty green color too!

If you see any out there...that aren't too expensive...please let me know!

And yes... I know you were wondering...I DID wear my new leopard shoes today! I love them!

I am thinking that in the upcoming posts... I will be doing some recipes and maybe some before and afters of the house! Be on the lookout and keep posting comments! I love to read them!



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