Friday, September 26, 2008


I have decided to officially make this "I WANT" day! I thought I would show you some cool and fun stuff that I have found that I really would love to add to my collection of many things! And, maybe you will want them too! Now you will know where to find them! YAY!

First of all, I adore fun and cute little dresses! Forever21 is ALWAYS a great place to shop because the stuff is super inexpensive and you can always find something fun there! I was on the website and I found this little black dress... the Perline Strapless Satin Dress....

A. It is only $24.80!

B. You can wear ANY color with it!

C. It has POCKETS!!!!! If you know know that I LOVE pockets on dresses!!! I am normally not a huge plaid fan...but I could do this next shirt! I am a big fan of leggings and and flats and I think they would look totally cute with this long shirt! This is another one from Forever21...Embroidered Rose Plaid Shirt (they really think of some intricate names huh?) This shirt is only $24.80!!! We kind of changes our dress code at I could totally wear this now!!

This next item is just personal fantasy. I DROOL over these chairs and wish that they could be my very own...but they are so expensive!! If you aren't familiar with King is an actual working ranch in Texas and I believe that it's one of the largest that there is. Anyways...they also have a store with lots and lots of leather things! I really do have the perfect spot in my house for these and they would go so well with all of our decor!! It makes me sad that they have to sit in a store all the time just hoping that someone will buy them... why don't you make them happy and buy them for me?!?! Thanks! I won't even mention how much these might make me cry!

I think that Skeeter and Miley need these fun and personalized dog bowls!! They are from Ballard Designs and so super cute! They have the pet's name on the outside and on the inside there is a halequin design painted on! I do too much for my dogs and Casey would kill me if I spent any more "stupid money" on them!! :) And...they ARE $65 each! OUCH!

And lastly...I will leave you with these beautiful glasses! I just found them on the Williams Sonoma Home website! I think they are FABULOUS! I wish that we had registered for these before our wedding...but I never saw them! We have gotten so much glassware anyways! But look how pretty!!!

WELL...wasn't that fun?! I guess I had better get back to work and get some stuff done here! My bosses would probably appreciate that! My weekend project looks like it might be delayed... we are going to end up going back to our hometown this weekend to see family. BUT...I might be able to make a trip to Hobby Lobby and to Goodwill while I am there to see what sorts of fun fabrics and other junk that I can find! I am wanting to refurbish a piece of furniture SO badly!!! The Goodwill there is usually pretty wish me luck!!!!! :)

OH!! And if you decide that you want to buy me any of these lovely things (Turquoise Chairs!!! Turquoise Chairs!!!) let me know! :)




M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

WOW! Those are some of the coolest chairs EVER! Maybe for your 1st anniversary. Hee-hee : )

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Hi Hillary,
Thanks for visiting my blog! My friends kids all went to OBU & one is still there. Heard it's a great school. Yes, it is pretty here in the fall! I'm looking forward to going out on our party barge on Lake Hamilton to see the fall trees.

Joy said...

NO! No! I get the leather chairs first!!! Those are fabulous!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I love that dress! There is one by me, I may need to go shopping. The dog bowls are super cute! (I really want one, but should refrain-our lucy has too many already!)

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Ok Hilary we've already read your "I Want" blog post, now we Want you to give us a new blog post! LOL