Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yes...I know that I have not written in a few days and I appologize big time! The reason is........ I'M SICK!!! I don't know what is wrong with me...I think I have some weird cold or something. I cannot breathe out of my nose and it is driving me crazy! Plus, my throat hurts and my back is a little achy! I have come home from work every night this week and gone straight to bed to take a nap. Let's face it...I am a miserable sick person. I am such a miserable sick person that when Casey picked me up from work for lunch yesterday....I cried. WHAT?! Yes...cried. Who knows why? I do...because I do not like to be sick!

Anyways... I just felt like I needed to explain myself. I am thinking that I might leave work at lunch today and take a half day of sick leave. I may eventually get bored at home when I wake up from my first round of napping and blog a little more.... but don't get your hopes up!

Sorry again!!!



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Amy said...

Hilary-if only I had read this earlier, I would have told you to heat up some TheraFlu in a bowl and put a towel over your head while you breathe!!! Or you could get a gigantic bottle of cough medicine, that might have cleared you right up :)