Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I am soooooo sorry that I have been so negligent to my blog this week! It has been crazy at work and I have just been too worn out at night to get on the computer! Trust me....if you saw how dirty my house is right now... you would understand! I had to promise Casey that I would clean from top to bottom on Sunday!

Well....I didn't end up putting together my window treatments this weekend...we ended up going to our parents houses this weekend to visit and see Casey's MeMe in the hospital. Don't worry...we hauled the puppies with us and they had a great time! This was Miley Mae's first real trip away from home...she loved it...I could tell! She had been VERy bad on a leash up until this that was an exciting accomplishment! She really had never been on one before and HATED to be pulled by soon as you tried to pull her, she would put her head down and then lay down!!! But now she will follow so much better!

Skeeter Boo made himself a little nest in the backseat of the truck... How cute is that face?!

Miley is starting to look a little more grown up! The flash made her look kind of gray-nosed though! She met our parents for the first time this weekend and all my dad could say is..."That is going to be a BIG dog..." I don't know if you know this...but...she is a Great Dane and her mom weighted 140 lbs....and her dad weighed 170 lbs!! Good thing she is the runt..I guess??

My kids sure do love to cuddle in the back seat... but I think at this point..Miley was squishing Skeeter!

These are the things that we ended up coming HOME with after this weekend......

I found a chair on our way out of town at Goodwill for $10!! I wanted one to refurbish and recover...and here is my first one! I almost had to fight a lady for it...She stood right behind me while I looked at it...just so she could snatch it up when I walked decided to grab it and just carry it around the store with me!! And you know what..I didn't feel bad about it.... :)

Another piece to re-paint and re-cover! I found this in my parent's mom had it in the house at one time and then just got tired of it! I love the claw feet a the base! I think it will look so cute all finished up! I will just have to find the perfect place in the house for it!

I also brought back one of these end tables...I already had the other one that matches it and kept forgetting to grab the second when at home. The other served as an end table in my old apartment. My parents used these in their media room for a while...and then went with different I got them! I would really love to repaint these too! I would love to do something in a darker turquoise color and find a place in the house for it...but I don't know if that bold color will fit anywhere! I know...this is a good table and probably shouldn't be painted... but I HATE having all kinds of different wood stains in the house... is that odd?

I don't know if you can see these signs very well b/c they were proped up against the wall when I took this picture! I LOVE these types of signs! A good friend of my husband's family has a jewelry company and she also sells homegoods within her store. Anyways...her store flooded a couple of weeks ago and these were among the damaged goods that he passed on to my mother-in-law. She just really couldn't sell the in the store...but can't see any damage to them! My mother-in-law had about eight of we got to pick a couple out for the house! Now I have to figure out where to put them! YAY! I love them!

Now onto our final "Bring Home" of the weekend....

Yes....I am the VERY special wife of an AVID we officially purchased a duck hunting boat this weekend...and NOW we apparently have reason to clean out our garage! I mean...I don't even get to park in our garage...why should this thing?!?! Well...I guess our neighbors will appreciate it! Just FYI....Casey LOVES his truck...and this weekend he informed me that he thinks he might like this boat more than his truck. GEEZ! He also informed me that we can go to the laek in this and hang out........HAHAHA!

I am trying to inform him that a Wii would be so much more fun than a duck hunting boat!!! Wii Fit anyone?!
Glad I could update you on my weekend! I am working the rest of the week (after work) for a friend's booth at a gift show here in town! I cannot wait to see all of the booths there... I know there will be tons of fun things to purchase! OH NO! :)


Krystal said...

I am all about the Wii Fit! That sounds way better than the other! Have a great day! Your blog is coming along nicely!

Funky Finds said...

Hi! I emailed you yesterday about the September giveaway you won. Please let me know if you did not receive my email. Jessica (info at funkyfinds dot us)

Susie Harris said...

Oh my goodness! Do you have a little sister. My son is looking for a girl that can hunt, hehe.

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Yeah a new post!

Oh poor ducks!:( Have you read my blog post on our duck adventure?

Tell Hubby he should sell the boat & save the ducks! Or at least don't come to Arkansas & hunt our ducks! LOL

Shannon said...

I love those signs! So cute!

It is such a small world....I went to OBU my first year (2000-2001). I bet we know some of the same people since I went to Arkansas Baptist High School and alot of people from there went to OBU. :)