Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This is just one of those days where I am PRAYING that I come home and Casey says, "Hilary...have you considered just being a housewife and being around the house all day? Lots of things need to be done around here and I think it would be great if you took charge of it all and just quit working!" If only I could do that and we wouldn't be broke!
Keep dreaming Hilary...keep dreaming... I am just bored out of my MIND today and I have a headache AND I still have three and a half hours to go! GEEZ!

Sorry! I don't mean to be so gripey! I hope I didn't bring you down!

Random questions of the day...

1. Does anyone know how to make a cool diaper cake?? I am on a mission to teach myself how to make one!

2. Have you done a good devotional or Bible study lately?? I need to find a new one to get into! Church has been a bit of an issue with us lately and I need to get in my God-time somehow! It has been a big struggle for us because our church that we LOVE is now about 45 min to an hour from our's HARD to make it there on Sundays (when we ARE in town!). We have tried other churches closer to us...but we have become VERY picky! We have such a yearning to be involved and we just really need to find our place!

3. Will someone run to Starbucks and bring me a white chocolate mocha with vanilla? PLEASE? AND some Excedrin Migraine?




Megan said...

I am at home pretty much 24/7 (I work from home) but it can get boring not seeing many faces during the day.

I love your blog! (Adding you to my blog roll!) I cannot be any help with the diaper cake..BUT I can with the scrapblog... it's --it's FREE and All you have to do is put in your own pictures, and they provide you with backgrounds and 'stickers' to choose from--check it out! Let me know how it goes..

Megan said...

Oh yes I forgot to answer the devotional---have you gone through My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers? It is a small read for every day of the year, and a greaaat book.

carabeth and brent said...

I'm with you on the work at home thing. Surely you and I could come up with some creative business where we could work from home. Come on, Hil! Get to thinkin'! :) Until then....back to work... :( I'm ready for the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

and no diaper cakes here. Sorry.

Monogramchick said...

Hey There!
Just found your blog and love it! Not only is the content amazing but your design is great too.
I also work from home and while I LOVE it I sometimes miss the day to day interaction with people. I agree with Megan, Oswald Chambers is great, anything that Elizabeth Elliot wrote will not disapoint and neither will Beth Moore--one of my favs is The Patriarchs.

melissa said...

Hilary~you are beautiful and so is your blog! I'll have to try your Paula biscuits~they look right up my alley if they are easy :) Good luck on making the diaper cake and finding a church that fits you. I'm LDS (Mormon) and it has been the greatest blessing in my life. I'm sure there is one near you if you're interested in attending a worship service. I *love* the Shabby Apple as well and I'm also on a quest to make some cute Ballard-like topiaries and will definitely do a post on it if I'm successful! Let's hope. Wow~sorry for the long post, but thanks for stopping by and good luck in the giveaway!

Shannon said...

Have you done No Other Gods by Kelly Minter? Beth Moore recomended it on her blog this summer and a lot of people did it. It was AWESOME! Also, you could look for a BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) in your area. They are world wide and so great!

Katie said...

I wish I could be a stay at home wife toooooo! But then we'd be broke.

Have you ever done a Priscilla Shrirer study? She is a really wonderful speaker and writer! This past summer I did "He Speaks To Me."