Friday, October 3, 2008


Yes...I did watch some of the debate last night! I got a bit side-tracked after cleaning the house, running the grocery store because I decided that I could not go another day without pumpkins, helping cook dinner for Casey and our friend Justin (they grilled...I did what I could!), and giving the dogs baths (they stunk BAD!). I finally sat down for a bit and watched. I know this is random...but the one thing that I was most impressed with was Palin's ability to continually look into the camera as if she was speaking straight to the American people. Biden would look directly at the mediator and I noticed the he made quite a few jabs at McCain while Palin did not say much about Obama. I was very respectful of her for that as well! I was so worn out...I didn't work on anything else! I later crawled into bed and watched my TIVO'ed Private Practice episode! So dramatic... it will be an interesting season! Plus...Addison (Kate Walsh) is SO stinking pretty! I want to look like her!!

Yes...I have decided to pick out some new items for another "I WANT" Friday! I hope that you are able to find some fun things that you want too! Or maybe you can help me find what I want too!!

First off...this is a dress from a new store that I have found online called Shabby Apple! They have a super cute collection of dresses and they aren't TOO expensive! I think this would be a great and versatile one to wear to work or to throw on with some flip flops! It's called 90 Words Per Minute and it is $64. How cute would that be with some bangle bracelets?! I love the color too!! Check it out!

I am having a really hard time finding some fun stockings that I like for Christmas! This is our first year in our house and our first married Christmas too! I like things to be a little bit different and have my own personal flair! But not TOO outrageous though! I want some that I can monogram...I love personalization! I found these on the Pottery Barn website...I still have some gift cards left over from the wedding and I thought that I might use them on these stockings. I thought I might do one in Red and one in Green and then do the opposite color for the monogram. They are on the website for $24! Tell me what you think! OR... if you know of anyone with some good, fun stockings...PLEASE let me know!

So...I LOVE to look at the Ballard Designs catalog...they have so many GREAT decorating ideas and pieces! Since there are so many things in the catalog that I love, I decided to just open it up and pick out an item from the page that I open to! I opened up to these! I would LOVE to get my hands on these and place them on our mantle! I think they would look SO great! They are kind of pricey though! Know anywhere else I might be able to find some like these for cheaper??

I kind of have a thing for shoes..if you haven't noticed. I think that is because clothes are sometimes hard to find to fit right... I am short and pants are always WAY too long...shirts may night fit right or look good on... but one thing I know, makeup, and jewelry ALWAYS fit! I have kind of had my eye on these shoes for a while now...I was kind of "iffy" about them at first and I think I really do like them! They would be super cute with a black shirt and long jeans or with a black dress! I like shoes that are a little bit different and that spice an outfit up... for I am wearing jeans, a plain dark green shirt, and my leopard shoes! Anyways... these are the Jessica Simpson line - Josette Shoe - they have them at Dillard's for $79. Enjoy!

Well...that is all that I can think of at the moment... but I may be adding more later in the day! I must get back to least for a little while! I am so glad that it's friday! My agenda for the weekend is this:

-Work the gift show tonight

-Work the gift show all day tomorrow

-Play with the puppies

-Maybe work on my furniture rehabs

-Clean the house!

-Catch up on Gossip Girl and Pushing Daisies!

Enjoy your weekend and rest a little bit! I think we all need it!




Susie Harris said...

Palin! She was great. I did notice that she looked at "us"... girls just see that kind of stuff. I saw too that see was acting like a lady and not taking Jabs when she could have. She stands up and she speaks well...and she has good hair too~ Did I just say that?

Ann said...

Very cheery stockings. I love the Christmas Season, if only I can make it come faster.

Very observations too on Palin.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Way to go Palin!!! What a lady! Hope you get some of your fun projects done over the weekend. : )

Susie Harris said...

Hmmmm. I dont remember painting plates. I know that Kimba did and she just used spray paint. For deco use only of course. You may want to try it!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Hi! I came across your blog and I must say, you're going to be one that I stop at often. :) I too recently got married...well, we celebrate our first anniversary in less than two weeks (on the 13th), my hubby and I long distanced our engagement 7 hours as well, and we are working on our first home. I can't wait to see all that you are doing. Love what you post about cute shoes and clothes...I am soooo getting some of those Payless shoes. Hello bows!! Great blog. Can't wait to come back!! - Mandi

Kim said...

Cute blog! I'll be stopping by!

Sarah Palin did a great job last night!

ThriftyDecorChick said...

You can make your own topiaries if you want to do them REAL cheap. :) I've made three. If you want more info, let me know. They don't look exactly like these, but I can show you mine. And yay, Barracuda!!

Kimberly said...

If you don't find some stockings that are just right you could make your own. The basic stocking shape would be simple to cut out and sew together and then you could embellish them however you'd like.

My aunt started out making stockings for our family (her sisters and their families) and that tradition has continued to include the husbands who have married in. Each stocking is a little different, but they are all made with coordinating fabrics and she has a little panel on each cuff on which she cross-stitched each person's name. I love them because they are so personal and unique. You could do something like that and make it exactly what you want it to be and have a great Christmas item to use for years!