Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tense Tuesday!

Well...everyone in my office is a little tense right now. I'm not going to lie...it's starting to wear on my nerves little bit! I work for a publishing company and I sell advertising for two of our publications. It IS a fun job and I enjoy what I do! I have only worked here since July... so I am still learning the ropes some! Anyways... our little locally owned company was bought out about a month ago by a bigger company out of Cleveland. Everyone here was on edge for a while because we all knew that they would be laying some people off...luckily...ALL of the sales team stayed! The new company is making alot of changes that I think WILL be beneficial in the long run... but with the economy the way it is right now... I really don't see the ad sales picking up a WHOLE lot in 2009! I just feel like I am in a frustrating situation right now...should I stay here and stick it out? They changed our payment structure some...so it's very up and down and NOT incredibly stable...their motto is "you eat what you kill"....I just feel like I need something more stable than that! I am a pretty driven person and I know that I am more than capable to sell...but GOSH! What are we supposed to think right now?! Long story short...everyone is STRESSED!

Soooooo.....with being tense and all and not having much to do right now... the day was DRAGGING on this morning! I wasn't hungry for lunch... so I decided to head out of the office for a bit and go down to the closest Barnes & Noble.........

Grab a White Chocolate Mocha with Vanilla from the Starbucks inside.....

And just walk around through all of the books... Why is Barnes and Noble such a calming place to me?! I guess because it's all just BOOKS...you know? It's not like a clothing store where there is jewelry to look at, purses to throw on my arm, clothes to be tried on, etc! Just book after book after book! I don't even have to look at them all....I mean yeah...they are all on different topics...but they are all just BOOKS! I literally just walked through aisle after aisle and maybe looked at about three books per aisle.... I really enjoyed it. I didn't even buy anything....except my drink...of course! AND...isn't it funny how there are so many books on getting out of debt...but you actually have to SPEND money on them? I just found it humorous!

I had a little time to spare when I left there...so I decided to run into Pottery Barn next door and look at my stockings that I want to order. Of course...they didn't have them in the store yet... but I think I am going to order them online tomorrow anyways. The weather was alot cooler today and felt amazing...it is breezy and sunny! We had rain all day yesterday...so it just made it feel like a real Fall day today! Fall is my most favorite season of the year! I just love the changing of the leaves and the crispness in the air! Plus...the warm smells that fall brings...like the smell of apple cider or of pumpkin spice candles...


Say a little prayer today is you think about it... My Sister-In-Law's baby is due today and there are no signs of contractions or anything yet. The doctor told her that they will only wait a week to induce her...but I can tell that she is REALLY ready for it all to be over with! She is feeling really worn out and they are ready to meet their new family member! They haven't even found out what the baby will be...they want it to be a big surprise! They are such special people and I know that God has and will bless them in so many ways. They actually found out in February that she was pregnant...but knowing that our wedding was in May...they didn't want to tell anyone until after the wedding so that they wouldn't steal our thunder in any way! It was such a sweet and humble guesture and we were all SO surprised to find out! She was a bridesmaid and NOBODY could tell that she was pregnant at all!!!

I hope that you all have an amazing day and pray that mine goes by faster!! I would MUCH rather be out in the glorious weather!




Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

You're so right - sometimes there is nothing better than a cup of yummy semi-coffee drink and just being surrounded by books. Sometimes on long days I just love to go to our bookstore and read magazines. Hang in there with your job situation - I'm sure you'll figure out what to do.

carabeth and brent said...

First of all, your sister in law sounds like an angel. I mean, who would wait MONTHS just so they wouldn't steal your thunder. How sweet is that!

And second of all, I must add I love Barnes and Noble but since my husband is a manager there and all...we don't ever just go there for fun and I miss it.

I think I may get some Starbucks on the way home from work! Gosh! I LOVE FALL!!! :) Love you, girl!

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

I can tell you Hilary that I am a business owner and I have stopped advertising in alot of our local magazines due to the economy. We manufacture custom rugs and with this economy fancy custom rugs are just not the top of people's want/need list. If you sell advertising to companies that have more needed items instead of luxury items I think you will be ok in the coming months. I however if I were in your shoes would want a more stable income than it looks like your current employer can provide. Pray about it!

Weeksie50 said...

I love your background. I love Brown and Pink together. Your blog is so cute..

I seen a commet that you had written how you were obsessed with Palin.. I am too.. So I thought I would check out your blog..

I will be back..

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Thank you for your kind comments about my Halloween display. Of course I read every comment that comes across my site...no matter how many. That's a big part of the fun of blogging.
Also, I couldn't agree more about stepping into a Barnes & Noble. There's always a bit of magic when one steps through the doors. I can't explain it either. : )
Mary Lou