Friday, October 10, 2008

Favorite Things FRIDAY!!!

So...I guess that this is going to become a tradition! I got to work this morning and started piddling around...then remembered that I had not done my research for today's favorite things! So....I started winging it and scouring websites for some fun things! Maybe it will inspire you to buy or help you find something that YOU were looking for!!

Go to! This is a new website for me and they have some SUPER cute things!! The first thing that I found was the 12 Days of Christmas Keepsake Plate Set! It's such a cute, whimsical, and colorful take on the 12 Days of Christmas! It comes with 12 (obviously) porcelain appetizer plates in a super cute box! These are $95....I would LOVE to have them but we really go out of town for it might be a waste!

Second on my list is something that I actually already have! When I graduated college, my aunt bought me one of these and I used it all the time! I would take it on interviews and write all kinds of notes in it! But, I loved it so much, that I always made sure that I had good handwriting when I wrote in it! I didn't want scribbles messing up my beautiful notebook! It came from Red Envelope...if you have never visited their website or seen their are missing out! They have LOTS of good gifts! Anyways...I have the red Croc-Embossed notebook...and mine has my name on it too! I DO love personalized gifts! I wish that I had every single one of these! I love all of the colors and they are SO precious!

Another one from DOG! Now, I don't know about you...but when I give my dogs a bath, it's a mess! I always do it at I DON'T do it outside! Therefore...the dogs are running around our bathroom all wet b/c they wont let me dry them off good! Soggy Dog is the FIRST Dog-Only Drying Towel! How cool is THAT?! Clearly...we always just use our people towels... See if the green mit looking parts of the towel in the pic? just slip your hands in those and go to town drying your pup off! I think this is such a cool thing to have! It's $27.50...not TOO bad...since you will be using it alot and all!

Please Please PLEASE tell me that you have had a Sprinkles Cupcake before!!!! If not...HOLY COW!!! You should be SO mad at yourself! These are the best and most rich cupcakes that I have ever had! If you know know that I LOVE cupcakes! Who doesn't like a smaller, cuter, less messy version of cake?! These take the cake (oh LORD....)!! They only have bakeries in a few prime locations including: Dallas, Houston, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Pheonix, and San Francisco. If you are near any of these areas.....make a stop! The one is Dallas ALWAYS has a line inside! Everytime I go, I buy a box of 4. 2 for me, 2 for Casey. The Red Velvet is my fave and he likes the Black and White (Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles). I have seen people order these for various showers and they are super cute! They even have DOGGIE CUPCAKES!!!! Casey and I were in Williams Sonoma not too long ago and saw that they are actually selling the Sprinkles mixes! Who knew?! We HAD to buy some! But, I am not going to lie......they were not NEAR as good! Can you tell how passionate I am?! My mouth is watering now...........dang it!

Target....need I say more? I can't talk about my favorite things without throwing in some sort of clothing item AND I cannot help but go to Target and just SEE what new things they have gotten in every week! We were walking around Target a couple of night ago and I saw this Isaac Mizrahi coat! How CUTE is that?! It has 3/4 sleeves and herringbone print! If someone were to ask me what my favorite prints are, I would tell them: Damask, Houndstooth, and HERRINGBONE! This is super cute, very chic, could be put with jeans if needed, and not too expensive!! It's running for $89.99 right now...but I am sure we will see that price drop! Keep your eyes on it! But don't buy an extra small...that one's mine!

I can't think of anything else to add to my list right now! Don't you love the fact that people keep asking me what I want for Christmas...and I cannot think of a thing that I want...and then I go and write this every Friday! I should print off business cards with my blog on it, so that when someone asks me what I want...they can just be sent on to the site!

What are some of YOUR favorite things?! Let me know....I love to hear about cool things that I haven't come across yet! Inspire me!! Clearly, it can be, clothes, decorative items, dog stuff, etc!

Well...the baby still has not come yet! We are all thinking that it will be here this weekend. If my sister-in-law doesn't have it by Tuesday, then they will induce her. She had a few contractions Wednesday night, went to the doctor on Thursday and they didn't see much change. But the doctor even told her that she thought it would be this weekend! I bought a special little surprise for our new niece or nephew's super sweet and I cant wait to give it! But...I won't say what it is yet, just in case my sister is reading this!! I mean she IS at home just waiting around...she might be bored and decide to see what I am up to when I should be working!

Also...we might have had a prayer answered last night! Casey (as you know) is a big hunter! He is on the Ducks Unlimited committee in our area and we had to atten the DU annual banquet last night. Like I have mentioned before, we have really been struggling to find a new church home in our area. We love our old church so much, but it's about an hour from us now! So, it's really hard to make that drive on Sunday mornings! Also, it is very hard for us to be involved during the week being so far away. It has been stressing us out a little bit. Anyways, Casey and the president (i guess that is what you would call him) of this particular DU chapter were talking at the banquet last night. We were really there to promote Casey's sister and brother-in-law's camo company that they are forming. It's a faith based company and he was explaining that to David (the president). He said that for some reason, David just got a smile on his face and said "You and your wife need to come visit our church one weekend!" The church that they go to is actually one not too far from our house and one that I had been wanting to visit! We were so excited about it! He was SUPER nice....they wanted us to go with them to dinner after church (they have a Saturday service which we were thrilled about too!). Then he turned to me and said..."Do you eat deer or any wild game?" Well...I actually LOVE deer! Don't be mad...but it's so good! So he told us to gather up some of our friends and we could all have a big cookout at their house! What a great way to get to know people! The best thing about this is... Casey already has someone within this church that he can relate to and grow with. He loves to fellowship with people...but sometimes it is so hard for him to find other guys that he can relate to and that don't annoy him! :) Anyways...David was super nice and we are SO excited to get to know them and hopefully find a new church home where we can get really involved!

I hope you all have a very blessed weekend! Don't forget to tell me your favorites!




Rachel and Jacob said...

new visitor to your place~~!!
I love all the lovelies you showcased today :)

Shannon said...

I saw that jacket at Target and it is really cute in person! And I REALLY need to have a Sprinkles cupcake! :)

Joy said...

Oooo, lots of fun things! I've never had a Sprinkles cupcake. I've never even heard of them. Am I living under a rock?

Megan said...

I haven't ever had a Sprinkles cupcake..but if I am correct I think you can order them..I should look into that. I am a Ukrop's cake girl ALL.THE.WAY...sooo good. Target is definitely one of my favorite stores. I am heading over to now!

Jules said...

I love Red Envelope and those notebooks. I'm big on personalized things too!