Saturday, August 13, 2011

College Days...

This post is specifically dedicated to ALL of my Ouachita Baptist University friends. May we always be friends matter where we are and what we are doing!!


Earlier I was thinking back about college, all of the fun we had, and the memories that were made. Here were some of the memories VIVIDLY that came back to me...see if you remember these as well as I do....

  • The monsoon/flood of finals week - May 2003 (RIP the blue bug)

  • The drowning of Mandy's explorer in the river - finals week/graduation week - May 2006

  • Longest EEE meetings ever....

  • Any time spent at the Marks' house boat

  • Many beer runs to Hot Springs

  • The Pink Palace

  • Orange juice from a milk jug in the middle of the living room

  • Circle of death

  • Miss Arkansas - and the parties afterward

  • Long nights of weary Tiger Tunes practice and spying...

  • Champagne Campaigns

  • Lip Gloss Cellys

  • Q Dawg Inn

  • Any time spent at the V - with or without beer being spilled all over you...

I know that there are many more...but these are the first ones that came to mind! Leave comments with other memories if you think of any! I would love to hear them!

Happy Saturday!




Lindsey said...

I remember most of those moments! How about the farm, Picket's goat, or singing into a spoon at Waffle House. (I have a picture to prove it!) :)

Wadlito said...

Obviously I can't relate to many of those memories - but some of what you mentioned brought back great memories for me :) Oh the good ole days....

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