Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Old Wives Tales

Thank you so much for your sweet comments yesterday!
We are thrilled about Baby H and cannot wait to meet him or her in February!

We haven't quite decided yet if we will find ut the gender or not....I want to REALLY bad...but Casey doesn't know if he does or not!! ARG! Surely the doctor can just tell me....riiiiight? :)

Anyways...people keep asking me about the gender and such...so I thought I would post the old wives tales that other soon-to-be mamas have posted! Here goes...

Urine test: By observing the color of your urine- if it is neon yellow or a dull yellow. Mine was dull yellow in color which indicates GIRL!

Morning sickness: They say that little girls make their mama's sick and I have had NO morning sickness which indicates BOY!

Soft or dry skin? Mine has been a mixture of both but more normal than anything which indicates GIRL!

Are you craving citrus? Nope....just some fruit here and there but nothing crazy which indicates BOY!

Have you felt glowing or less than beautiful and had lots of breakouts? My face has atually been more clear than ever in the last few months which indicates BOY!

Heartbeat indicator: Both our heartbeats were pretty fast which is said to be an indicator of a GIRL!

Craving fruit or meat? I would have to go with fruit which is an indicator of GIRL!

Pendullum test (which my mother-in-law swares by): Indicated a GIRL!

Dreams- I've heard opposite things on this. Some have said that whatever a mother thinks, it is because mother always knows. Others have said that you have opposite of what you have been dreaming about. I'm not sure but last night for the first time I dreamed about the baby and it was definately a GIRL!

I just thought I would share some of these silly and fun tests. Do any of you have tests you've heard of? Please share!! Our family gets a kick out of hearing and trying these crazy tests!

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!



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Irishenchantment said...

those are some strange ones lol! my mammy craved citrus with me ate everything orange, of course i was a girl but i was also born with an orange tinge hehe!

shel xx