Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Home....New Ideas

On Monday, Casey and I will be closing on our NEW house! We are so excited! It's in an old brick street area of town known as the Azalea District. It's the old historic district in Tyler and I absolutely LOVE it! I have ALWAYS wanted to live there. All of the houses are old and most of them have been remodeled on the inside....but it seems like most people keep that old charm to them in some way. It's very much a 1950's television neighborhood, if you know what I mean....everyone is walking their dogs after work and everyone knows everyone.

Our new house was built in the 30's and really hasn't had much done to it. We got it at such a great price, that we are able to do a lot of remodeling before we move in (AND before Baby H gets here!!). I love this because I feel like we are realy personalizing the house for ourselves! Our plans right now are to basically gut the kitchen and re-finish it, re-do both of the bathrooms, re-roof, cut back the trees in the front, re-fence the backyard, scrape popcorn off of all ceilings, re-texture and paint all of the rooms.

My problem with this is....I am having a touch time picking out my paint colors! I want to do something that I haven't previously done in our house! We always have a lot of warm tones...reds, khakis, browns. But I am really wanting to add in some gray, turquoise, and navy!

What do you think of all of this?! What are YOUR favorite color combinations for rooms?? Does EVERY room have to flow with the other rooms or can they be themselves and be different????

I will have to post some pictures I have found as ideas for the new house later and see how you respond to those! Let me know your feelings on all of this! I would love to hear what you have to say!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I am of to pick up kolaches and head to work!

Oh....and in case you are wondering...Baby H is officially the size of a plum this week!!!!




Cadi said...

I love turquoise and grey! And I've heard that light blues are supposed to be relaxing colors!

Cara Beth said...

Love these colors together! It reminds me of that magazine Domino. I'm so sad it's out of print. :(