Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Fabulous Five!


I am sure that you all are looking forward to the much needed weekend as much as I am!

As I was putting on my make-up this morning, I started going through my make-up bag and noticing things that I felt like I just could not live without in my morning routine. I thought that I might put together a little list of my top five make-up picks! Here goes...


My newest and most recent must have item : Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara

I love THICK black mascara! This stuff is perfect since it has two brushes included (and did I mention that they both fit in the tube at the same time?!). One brush is for length and one is for thickness. The lengthening brush is good for a soft day-time look and the thickening brush is good for a night-time look. Let's face it....I use the lengthening first and then the thickening on top of that in order to get the best of both worlds! I love this stuff! It doesnt get gunky and it stays on really well all day long!

My Must Have of All Time : Mac Lipglass in PRRR

I love the thickness of this specific lipgloss. One tube will last a very long time and it is actually a flattering color on everyone! It's a light pink with a little hint of gold shimmer. If it's a windy out for your hair getting stuck in this thick stuff!

My Super Cheap Must Have : Fabuliner

Okay seriously.....I love the look and they saying power of liquid eyeliner but sometimes it can look realy harsh...right? Well...this easy to use liquid eyeliner pen is PERFECT! It's easier for me to control and it seems a little less harsh than normal liquid eyeliner...almost like it's watered down just a touch. Plus....I find this stuff at Walgreens for a dollar or two! It's amazing!

My Splurge Must Have : The Supernatural by Philosophy

Okay yes......I am not a HUGE make-up splurger anymore like I used to be (pre-marriage and pre-shared bank account days...) but this stuff was worth the money! I think I bought it about 6 months ago at Sephora for $36 and I bet I have about another month or two left in it! It's a loose powder with this great little spongy poof connected to the top of the bottle! I put it on first in the just gives a soft airbrushed look and covers small flaws well! I love keeping this stuff in my purse in case I need any touch-ups. It's light enough that I can dab a little over my bronzer mid-day and it doesn't look like a big white powder circle on my face!

My I'll-Probably-Never-Use-Another-Brand-For-This-Unless-They-Quit-Making-It Must Have :

Eyes Lips Face Studio Bronzer Duo

I have been religiously buying and using this for the past 3-4 years probably. At only $3 a pop...I stock up when I order JUST IN CASE they ever decide to discontinue it! It's the perfect bronzer and blush duo. It gives you a perfect glow without making you look orange at all. It's actually a close knock-off to the NARS bronzer/blush duo.

Okay...your turn! What are your five make-up must haves?! I want to know! I am always on the lookout for something new to try!

Have a fabulous Friday!




Karah said...

Thanks for your make up tips. I am headed out to buy that mascara and eyeliner today. I am in need of both. ;) I hope your feeling well.

Ashley said...

I love that your 5 must have makeup picks!! I am going to have to try that philosophy supernatural!

It has been a while since we last talked. Congrats on all the exciting news! Can't wait to hear updates about the baby and see pics of your new house!!