Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Fabulous Five - Hair Essentials (One Day Late!)

I started this post yesterday and NEVER got a chance to finish! it is a day late!

Think about the hair stuff that you HAVE to have in order to get your mane looking good every day! What are the things that you cannot live without?!

Well...I put together a little Fab Five list of my top hair must-haves just for you!

Here Goes...

1. BIOSILK - seriously...if you have never tried this to Target or wherever right now and splurge a little on this little bottle of miraculous clear liquid! A little bit goes a LONG way...but massage this into your hair while it's wet and when you blow-dry you will notice a huge silky difference in your strands! It's amazing! Go get some...NOW!

2. AUSSIE THREE MINUTE MIRACLE - gone are the days when I didn't care about which conditioner I would use. I LOVE this stuff! At about $3 a can you NOT? Again...a little goes a long way with this product! I notice a huge difference in my hair when I use makes it soft and shiny but it doesn't seem to weigh my super thick hair down! smells good too!

3. MY FAMOUS TEASING COMB - ( doesn't laugh at you or tell you's used to TEASE your hair) You really cannot tell from this picture, but it actually has three offset rows of bristles. It does an AMAZING job of grabbing your hair and teasing it perfectly! Keep in mind...if you went to Ouachita Baptist University, are from Arkansas, or Texas....we ALL love big hair! This is the perfect thing to have on hand! You can find this comb at Sally Bauty Supply for really...I am pretty sure it's under $2! Grab a few and give them to friends...I do! If you don't know how to tease your hair yet....I am sure you can find plenty of youtube tutorials!

4. CHI FLAT IRON - need I say more? If you use a flat iron and haven't splurged on a Chi yet... you DON'T know a good hot flat iron! For example...I didn't dry my hair completely last night, so I woke up with a funky wave to it. Woke up, straightened with my Chi, and now I am at work with perfectly straight hair!
5. AUSSIE INSTANT FREEZE HAIRSPRAY - a must have for sure! I don't like those stupid hairsprays that say that they are a hard hold hairspray and you can't even feel them in your hair! This stuff is not heavy...but you know it's there and it holds REALLY well! I love this! Everytime I buy it, I go ahead and grab two's under $ it's a great hair product to keep on hand!

Well folks...there you have it! What are YOUR favorite go-to hair essentials?! I want to know! I am always looking for things to add to my collection of must-haves!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I am off to work for the day!

Updates on the house and baby to come later!




~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

I loveeeee Bio Silk & Aussie

Have a lovely weekend~


ReallyHighMaintenance said...

1. Bio Silk
2. Treseme Hairspray(Tres Two)...can't be any other number)
3. Bumble and Bumble Powder Spray
4. Bumble and Bumble Root Spray

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